Sunday, July 28, 2013

The news is bad, always.

I have decided if there is any guidance from elsewhere I have been trained to see the worst around me, and like the lotus flower floating on the mud, not let it touch me. My mind/ego sees the bad news, and understands exactly why it is happening as a few powerful people are exploiting the weak majority, but I can't do any more than if I tried conversing with the TV. It seems the news is something each person must take their own responsibility for and work it out themselves. If enough did, then it couldn't happen any longer simply as in the democratic parts of the world we can still vote out these lunatics, but only if we understand what they are doing. But it's tough as heck, almost impossible, to share this information, as each person must own it and not able to accept it from others on their own level.

It takes me back to the 70s, when there were some pretty dire economics going on, plus other atrocities like Vietnam and Britain joining the Common Market. Besides suffering the power cuts as we all did the only other part which concerned me was the Common Market as to me (at around 14) it was obvious they'd take over, and 40 years later they have. But nearly all the time I left the room when the news was on, and although I read the paper every day looked for the interesting things rather than bother with the garbage. I was far happier then, and whatever I did have going on in my life overtook whatever was elsewhere. Now I see the list of deliberate acts against humanity, and although the interest rates cut down my personal income by maybe 60-70% so am directly affected the same as anyone part of a massive recession, and pay maybe £1000 extra a year for energy (and then even more for petrol) because of the green taxes, but thank god I still end up with enough. If I didn't I haven't a clue what I'd do, so worries me millions of people who can't afford these extras and has had their lives ruined as a direct result of what can only be described as burglary.

I won't include pages of details here as I've spread them far and wide already, but you just need to accept these points divert billions from normal people to a few, and their excuses how and why they do are so empty anyone with politics O level could see through it. But this is about my own detaching from a constant stream of sewage in the form of political decisions, votes, non-events, muslim fundamentalists taking over yet another country, vast numbers of immigrants packing this country which was already full, massive house prices three times higher in real terms than a few decades ago (one of the benchmarks of third world status few others have spotted), witch hunts against dead celebrities and intelligent people who can work out global warming isn't actually doing anything, basically every time a decision can go one way or another they nearly all follow the same path to hell, presumably as they were planned in advance to do so. But I must stop this being my problem although it costs me maybe £10-15,000 a year minimum, and wrecks many people's lives who can't manage with the lower income and higher costs, but then again in my defence I suspect the majority of these victims have voted for the policies which made them so as they don't know any better and most certainly do not take any notice of me or anyone like me on the internet or further beyond.

I also know that as I live alone and only now have my parents left in my direct family means the news had become a small source of interest, until the supply simply turned rotten. So I did whatever I could to point out it didn't have to be, was either ignored or insulted, and learnt enough now about psychology as a result to see it purely as a set of lessons for myself, and the news and other people the vehicles for it only. I still see these items every day, but besides using them to further my own knowledge and career should someone ever recognise the value of my material and use it where people may take it seriously, if the news is usually bad, then that's the nature of the world and I can only change myself to react differently to it. If I spend even some of the time I spent trying to teach unwilling viewers how they have been shafted thoroughly by people they trusted on meditation I'd probably have double the benefits (almost bugger all) I have from now. But I've been at it over 20 years now one way or another and running out of time so better I pack more work in in case it does help, and the better I become then the less the dreadful world outside will concern me. I've tried the other way and it's sent me back to working on myself and letting everyone else develop at their own rate, even if it means the world will be in a wreck for my remaining time here.

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