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Global warming as a paranoid delusion.

Global warming as a paranoid delusion.

 David Howard Ll.B. (Hons), Cert. Counselling, Dip. Counselling & Supervision, MNCP (sen. accred), MBACP (accred).

There are two sets of people who promote the idea of global warming, the small group of leaders who doubtless know and understand the data fully and gain huge amounts of wealth and power from their campaign, and the vast army of useful idiots who do their filthy work for them, and fight anyone who disagrees, often with actual death threats. This is because as humans are basically wild animals with clothes and houses, when faced with any threat revert to stone age mode and protect themselves and their families against all others. If you're not one of them they literally feel you are out to kill them all, hence the attack as a form of defence.

The paranoid delusion becomes apparent when the media are finally beginning to dribble out the fact that warming stopped over 15 years ago, yet rather than celebrate, considering the far out ones genuinely claim this was the most dangerous threat known to the planet (more than nuclear weapons, meltdown, AIDS, Iran, and any other of the multiple potentially immediate threats known to wipe out the majority of the population who come near to them) not a single follower has been seen to celebrate but are all looking for reasons the claim is wrong. Now surely if you were told (however unlikely it was in reality) the earth would warm up by a possibly dangerous amount 70 years after you died, considering you would also have to actually think this was a problem, then knowing for dead certain (all the graphs agree) it probably won't should have them cartwheeling in the streets and making Al Gore the first living saint for presumably making our world governments prevent it in time (as none would actually believe it was natural). But instead they are looking at the hole and not the cheese, and as CO2 still rises they have been told it causes heat, so by running round the arena trying to find the corner they will eventually die of exhaustion looking for the missing heat, rather than wake up and realise it was never there in the first place.


Until this occurred I had never imagined more than a tiny percentage of the population could be psychotic. The usual cause is genetic, often coming out in the rare twins suffering from it within days of each other, even when separated for many years. The difference between a neurotic illness and a psychotic is neurotics are totally aware of what is wrong but can't control it, while psychotics, at least during an episode, believe everything they see is real. Now we have a graph which has stopped rising for the exact length of time previously considered long enough for a significant trend to be produced, yet rather than both celebrate and question the fucking idiots who told them otherwise, they search for the real answer they believe must be true, because Al Gore and James Hansen told them so.


It is bad enough for leaders in any field to make people believe in something which is present but not what it seems, but to manage to extend that belief to after the something has vanished altogether is almost more the fault of the idiots than the leaders, as every single believer has a brain to think with for themselves. Nothing in the picture is complicated, as the complicated stuff is totally dependent on the simple stuff, ie the temperature. If that is below the rate required for alleged 'problems' then that is all we need to know. Had CO2 not risen and the temperature done what it did, then who would have noticed anything out of the ordinary? Normally changes under 0.5C over a certain period aren't even considered significant. Or what if CO2 had risen but the temperature had stayed flat or fallen? Then in a few decades the entire greenhouse theory would have been killed as if CO2 had risen 50% and the temperature had not risen then it couldn't cause a rise as suggested by most.


So you put together what is probably almost totally a very unfortunate coincidence, a rise in CO2 which may or may not be man made, as many graphs show it being released from the ocean after the temperature rises (and pretty much unanswered by the community) combined with what would normally be considered a negligible and normal rise in temperature, James Hansen sees the potential for whatever power and authority he wished to wield, and the myth of man made warming was created in front of congress in his original meeting.


I have worked in mental health for over 20 years and am only too familiar with the sufferers of every single type of delusion possible. Up till now I only imagined this to be restricted to the same small section who have always been diagnosed with it, but now I see the line not being a clear one but a grey band between sanity and delusion, which more than half the people are easily drawn into, and exploited by some who are not. As this experiment has not run for long enough I can't see if they'll ever wake up out of it, at least not unless either one of their heroes blows the gaff and lets the truth come out (which many in fact have over the years but have never been reported so they aren't aware of it) it was all created to bring about existing UN policies they would have been unable to get through without the reason for doing so, or just wait another 30-50 years for the few surviving to see when the temperatures do not make it anywhere near the predictions. But till now nothing else has worked so I can't see it happening in any other way. I have added my qualifications deliberately on this piece, as unlike my science blogs which I'm clearly not directly qualified for, this is my own field of work and as such need people to be aware I am not picking it up 'off the internet'.

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rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

Very interesting. Global warming must be true because I have read that in London you are having a very cold July and your June was not all that good either so like a refrigerator the global warming is happening because that is how a refrigerator works by causing heat and then that is extracted to make the inside cold. Well something like that. Also remember when that great universe maker who made our planet and made us he made us like monkeys etc with fur, hair, on our bodies to protect us from the cold but as global warming occurred we don't need that hair anymore on our bodies as the hair would stop the perspiration from cooling our bodies. Have you noticed how many men are now bald at an early age. To let the perspiration happen. proof of global warming. If you want more proof of global warming then check out the increase of people with dementia, especially climate change global warming scientists there is a very high percentage of those people with dementia and they are telling the world about the worries of the increases in the climate that is cause by ONLY humans. I believe them. Excuse me as I now have to have my dementia medication.