Friday, July 12, 2013

Discovering the mole

In 2013 UK Big Brother had its first mole, and when revealed the experiment itself demonstrated what I will now explain, how the process of discovering a mole or any other cheating taking place develops, potentially to completion and exposure, and why consensus is the exact reverse of what actually occurs.

So for the example, you can take an artificial construction like Big Brother, or any other experiment where the innocent volunteers are put in a situation they can use the clues to work out the scam being carried out, bearing in mind a good scam can also be constructed on basic principles, and then use group mentality to extend the period it can run before being discovered.

Armed with a situation the people are unable to measure or see directly, which means they are going totally on trust, one Big Brother example was when they appeared to destroy everyone's luggage. Of course they didn't, but the fact they could have and it was impossible to know directly then people assumed they had. But the related clues were impossible to avoid, as all illusions are based on nothing but words and false pictures, the actual material claimed has never actually existed, and as such all the people see are the shadows supposedly cast by the solid objects which aren't actually there.

The main reason these scams are so successful is the very thing which people believe they are real in the first place, the consensus. But not the consensus of the supposed experts who said stomach ulcers were caused by stress, or the sun went round the earth, or if you sacrifice a virgin you'll get better crops, but the consensus of those who mock the tiny minority of people on the receiving end who don't believe them. The defence of the illusion is not mainly from its originators, who simply create and release it below like a huge dog after a good meal, but from its detractors, the vast majority of the victims who trust the perpetrators and do everything for them voluntarily to defend the illusion against the handful of clever people who can spot the tiny holes and magnify them to a huge size in their perception. Because intelligence, like most natural phenomena, is on a bell shaped curve, with most people in the middle and a few either end, only a tiny fraction of people are clever enough to see through scams. It's easier to see through one than create one as it's a passive skill and based on simple breaches of logic used by detectives and essay markers. You only need one or two inconsistencies and suddenly an initially plausible picture appears inadequate.

But rather than simply convey the observations chain-like across society till everyone's informed and the scam is blown, each level of observation is unable to be seen by those below that level of the pyramid. The pyramid triangle is a bell-shaped curve on its side and shows the minority on the high intelligence (or other qualities) at the thin top, with the heavy mass at the bottom. The communication and discovery of glitches in the hologram works its way down the many levels of the pyramid, with each level logarithmically larger than the one above getting it as the clues get larger, until you reach the actual tipping point where it's clear to enough people in the pyramid there aren't enough left to maintain it and the bottom level is blown away as well.

Therefore there is a massively long period in most scams where a few people will always pick it up early, and then be ridiculed and vilified by the rest of the victims as they can't believe them, until more clues come out the slightly less intelligent ones can see, etc etc until if completed then eventually the scam will be blown. But it can halt at any level for a lifetime or more, and often only become transparent long after the event from the position of history. But think of the mechanism and next time a couple of people try and tell you you're being had and you think they're potty as you trust and believe your elders and betters to be not just older but better as well, remember it's always a tiny fraction of the people in any group who can pick these small but vitally important glitches up way before anyone else can even process them. But if you've got even to that stage it would rarely be possible if there was nothing wrong so there nearly always is.

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