Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Growing up

I have discovered a phenomenon around which explains much of the total mess the world is in, and why I lose so many friends on Facebook and get warnings on forums. There is a simple formula where as we grow up as children we see things as they are presented, and then one by one we may see through the ones which are not behind the fa├žade. This is normal maturation behaviour and expected to be universal, whatever the rate and number of revelations which occur, but the twist in the tail is once I or anyone else works one out, we find it almost impossible to communicate. That was what got me as I didn't see that coming at all. So of course I then come across as patronising, as it means treating people like your children as that is how they are behaving, except like someone else's children who were told not to trust strangers like me. Unless the revelation is either owned by the individual or revealed by authority then no one else has the status to convey it.  The basic premise is that we grow up seeing the world in certain ways, and one by one we learn whether each way is genuine or not. That could be something really basic like believing in Father Christmas or that some  magic tricks are real and that you can actually win on the stalls along Oxford Street doing find the lady, to realising subtle but equally direct things like high house prices and low interest rates destroy the economy.

Once you discover something was not as it was sold or seemed on the surface you know something new, and something some or most other people do not. That automatically puts you on a level above them and you would think capable of teaching them the same thing rather than hoping they may eventually work it out themselves. But then I came up against the barrier. If I do not have the authority to tell them they will both not accept what I know and more so reject me personally as I have basically called them a fucking idiot in their eyes, so basically it is virtually impossible to convey what one person has worked out to another, on the internet at least. That is what I have explained in today's entry and currently see no solution to it as people have to own their own information, ie work it out for themselves, or hear it from the source itself directly before they believe it. If they are already grown up and do not know then neither of them are likely to happen so they will probably carry the same illusions for the remainder of their lives, vote on them and spread them around others.

I could list a number of examples once I think of them, but far easier just to see one and understand how it represents them all. I was listening to a magician on LBC when I was about 20, who gave a sequence of numbers to pick and then add and divide etc and then he predicted the result when people called. I did a quick 'lateral thinking' formula, starting with the answer and working back to the question, and saw the result was the only possible one whichever numbers you began with (see also Michael Mann's hockey stick diagram for a modern example) so called to expose him. He blew his top and accused me, a 20 year old student, of being a professional magician. I didn't get it as the trick was blindingly obvious and so dead simple I was amazed and shocked no one else had noticed what I had.

Wind forward 30 years or so and I have seen through many similar illusions, but not for entertainment but theft of cash and our freedoms, which the governments and media claim are for our own benefit. In counselling, which is my own profession, we are encouraged not to state what we know which our clients don't as unless we give clues so they can work things out themselves they won't accept any direct challenges, and that's when they are paying us and know we are qualified to do so. This wall is so tough that if you can't tell people the truth as an expert when it applies to their personal life rather than politics or false advertising you can see a deeply primitive survival mechanism which kicks in whenever someone's personal view of the world is challenged. One method used in such denials is 'it's only my opinion', despite low interest rates wrecking the total capital in an economy and wind turbines producing less energy than they cost to build and maintain. These are direct mathematical figures which I have simply discovered and attempted to use to stop what is currently international policy in half the world and being used to rob us all.

Of course I can't give up, I have just stopped engaging individuals online as it doesn't work, but we are the ones losing because of their refusal to listen as the policies based on maintaining illusions are hurting us all and the majorities are voting for them worldwide as they don't know any better and without wanting to be patronising I do because I've taken the trouble to check. It's not my fault other people are so trusting of those who I can prove ten times over would drown their children given the opportunity. So this way unless and until they do they won't believe me. Catch 22, like when the police can't stop threats as someone now apparently has to carry them out before they can do anything (no, making threats is an offence, but the police are selective).

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