Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Will it ever change?

I see a constant stream of similar situations, in that they are all the worst possible and seem to be unending. Politically I have never seen anything like it, as presumably things which have been planned for decades and more are all coming together, so of course everything is as bad as it can be as it's all connected. Most people are totally unaware of it, and my first escape route would be when people started to, until enough realised what was being done behind the pathetic pretence of helping the poor, the planet and the people from the enemy. What they miss is the lot who are arranging these policies are their actual enemy, and pretending to be their friend so they can hold on to their power and carry out their wishes which would not actually be possible without people's consent. Their power is the same as the devil, it is entirely based on illusion and lies, and once you see through it then what power can you have?

In no particular order I will list all the current policies, spreading across party lines in my country and possibly yours, as they are being guided by the Rockefeller Foundation and its members and offshoots, officially under the umbrella of the UN and Agenda 21:

Low interest rates: These steal money from savers and pensioners so the bankers can borrow at next to nothing, speculate and force up commodity prices. It lowers the local currency so money flows out of cash into gold and oil etc, the traders buy forward to raise the future prices, and even on a small rise which they have created by quantitative easing, guarantee a permanently on tap of profit from a constant stream of skimmed cash from people's accounts. That's not even one world order, just organised mafia operations as people think their house price (a massive commodity) go up is a good thing. Like they want to pay more for everything else as well. With such a phenomenon as its foundation no wonder everyone is falling for the lot.

Multiculturalism: One day Adolf Hitler woke up and said 'Why not do the exact opposite of my original policy, not in Germany but the rest of Europe, and spread their societies with as many different races, religions and cultures as possible.' As a result the poorer countries will have as many leave as can manage it, crashing the resources of the richer countries as their system struggles to cope with the schools, medical services, roads and water. If you want to wreck and weaken a society to its extreme then allow the population to expand at an unlimited race, fill schools and surgeries with hundreds of languages and watch them try and communicate and teach. Then each group will create entire communities within their adopted country where you can have shops and whole streets where a native person will be stared at as if they are a trespasser, and you will be able to walk for miles and not hear English. Now I don't know who thought this crap up, but as the end result is what I just described, with an increasing birthrate from the 2 children of Europeans to the 4 plus of the third world immigrants. They move as they earn ten times more than before and when their children westernise can be ostracised or worse. The immigrants are no more interested in their host culture as vice versa, and will do their best to maintain their own culture for as many generations as possible and many resist any pressure to not do so.

Global warming: I have already written an entire blog on this, and it represents the 'problem' with the perfect profile to expand the control over others and financial extraction for as many decades until the temperature is evidently no longer rising. By then the damage would already have been done and like the police who tweaked the evidence at Hillsborough from orders from the very top, would all be retired or dead by the time the truth came out. Look at every political party in parliaments worldwide, how many disagree with it? None possibly?

Policy merge: Following the previous point, how many countries in the west (apart from Iceland who are criminals) do not all follow as well as global warming: Keynesian economics- Quantitative easing/low interest rates/increased immigration and multiculturalism- international government taking over from local- travel and transport restrictions (taxes, road narrowing/closures etc)- increased surveillance and other restrictions supposedly against terrorism and general crime- political correctness including outlawing any words not approved of- positive discrimination for ethnic groups and women- laws against causing offence-
These are already in place across the EU and Australia, and Obama is gradually forcing them on what was officially against the constitution in many cases. If you haven't got them yet then watch out to see them coming.

Debt as growth: Look at the changes made in finance since the credit crash. There haven't been many. Banks still are allowed to gamble with depositor's money and where banks can no longer afford to lend on massive mortgages to people who can't afford them the government are giving them the money to do so, after the US, Spain and Ireland (at the very least) managed to crash the western economy by doing it the last time, selling on the debts hidden in AAA rated structured financial instruments, and then running away to hear the bang from a distance when it all blew up, having taken the fees for setting up the bogus mortgages and left others holding them when they went rotten. As a result British house prices have hit record highs again, fuelled by a few million more people ramping up the demand. If you believe shanty towns are a third world phenomenon then look at an aerial view of Slough and Southall and you will see most gardens have shanties built housing illegal immigrants which the councils all know about, and the only time they 'do anything about it' they use a law which means they give the landlords notice so the illegals can be out the day the call and back the following day when the property has been certified clean. The councils can't work against the UN ICLEI rules so although technically there are still many classes of immigrants who are illegal they can't in practice send many back, which is why immigration officers let nearly all the ones they find go and tell them to turn themselves in to the Home Office, which of course they all do the following day...

Travel restrictions: Apart from the incredible taxes on fuel and travel, our roads are becoming deliberately engineered (Transport for London have now admitted it as an official policy, part of EU directives and no doubt based on Agenda 21) to make it harder and harder to use, to eventually put people off it altogether, in readiness for EU plans to ban cars by 2050. Now 2050 may be a heck of a long way off if they were telling the truth, despite being a plan akin to killing the first born, but Paris has already banned older cars and London older commercial vehicles, so the ban will not be sudden or people may notice and object, but they do it so gradually then by the time the announcement is made to finish the job there will be so few people allowed to drive already it will become normal.

The accusations, all genuine, against the Soviet Union, China and Cuba have not been quashed by the west where in one case they have broken their hold on the area, but instead adopted and westernised as we know enough about totalitarian empires to reject them directly, and too sophisticated for our own governments to take over in the same way outside the democratic system. So instead they bring in a little here and a little there and anyone who has it pointed out to them will repeat the official reason they have to do it and tell you to go fuck yourself as an enemy of the state. They certainly have to me, and accused me many times of murdering people who haven't even been born yet. Imagine reading that in a novel and being expected to believe it could really happen.

So rather than see the breakup of the Soviet Union who we heard on short wave radio for decades lying to the world and their own people, who before the internet were only allowed the news from the state agency Pravda (truth, always use the opposite term to what you mean in politics), the west has westernised their methods and brought them fully up to date to go over the heads of 90% of citizens who do not believe it is possible for an entire government to conspire against its own people, unlike the Nazis or Russians did in their own lifetimes. The old conundrum it's only foreigners who behave like despotic crooks will always allow home governments to do so subtlely as their own citizens only believe someone else capable of it. Even as close as France and Italy, where the greatest economic producer is the mafia, the French would always say it wasn't possible there. Or in Switzerland (ha ha). The fact the borders are only partly relevant, as these leaders all meet on a regular basis to share dirty jokes and a booze up, apparently, which while the masses think they are helping solve the economic problems which a) wouldn't have existed at all had they not had such meetings in the past which created them and b) if they really were meeting to do that then why are they all getting worse? Which means basically they are all setting up such international atrocities which need to be organised to properly work and not allow an escape anywhere else to avoid it.

The normal law of dialectics or anything else where natural phases overtake anything in life means these phases go in a wave where they peak, enough people notice them and by the very awareness they must fall and go away again. I am waiting for this to happen now but not holding my breath as despite a massive increase in evidence and restrictions most people either do not notice it, certainly would never understand the entire picture even if they made an hour long documentary where David Rockefeller and George Soros explained it with the use of muppets. The few laws they don't like get excused by any reasons they offer, we need immigrants to pay our pensions (they will also get old and need pensions, and there will be a few million more by then) and ban cars to stop global warming as well as stopping cheap energy. And of course you must make it easier to borrow in an economy which is only in the worst recession since the 20s caused by borrowing too much. But if people are too stupid to see it then they will continue to do it till they cross whatever line it takes by which time everything will have been lost anyway so it really won't matter when they realise they've been totally screwed as once they do they won't then get it back will they?

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