Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Newcastle is hideously white, so we've been told.

Real life forces me to respond, and this phrase 'Hideously white' has now become a mainstream meme, having been mentioned on the radio yet again, proving it wasn't just one isolated BBC journalist's personal wet dream, but their entire mindset. Now if you go to Newcastle, as they did, and report it's 'Hideously White' then for a start that is insulting white people is it not? Had he visited Lagos or Nairobi and reported they were 'Hideously Black' he'd not only never appeared on British TV again but probably been found at the bottom of a river somewhere.

But the attitude which is behind this truly evil phrase is what is really worrying. If a white racist (as I'm sure many have in the past) described either an area in their own white country or that of any black country as 'Hideously Black' any non-racist would have instantly rung the racism bell and ostracised them, yet middle class white media hacks and their black followers now use the term as if it is just not offensive but actually gospel. This means that certainly white culture is seen by them as somehow wrong or inferior at the very least, so needs some black, brown and yellow mixed in otherwise it's clearly an empty and worthless culture.

That's fine if that really is what they believe, but no one can be a hypocrite, so a principle has to be universal otherwise it is racist against the white race they have so far exclusively picked on as inferior. To be truly inclusive and genuine they must insist every city in the world is not hideously black, brown and yellow, and insist the governments there attract as many immigrants to remedy this as we have in Britain. If not then they're no less racist than the (sorry to mention them but it's true) Nazis. Divide and rule, the Jews have ruined the economy, the final solution is to eliminate the Jews. This is continued by Al Qaeda, as once Hamas for example, if you read their constitution, expel the Jews from Israel they will not stop but pursue them across the world. Jews do not belong in the Global Caliphate.

If anyone wants to play race cards, and accuse anyone of being a racist for condemning the actions of anyone not white for doing things which are either against the criminal or moral law, then they are putting their rights above those of the whites, and forcing other whites to either attack or defend them in the classic divide and rule programme, getting the useful white idiots to perpetrate the division by calling on their white brothers and sisters every time they see a hint of racism. But they can direct it against whites and that's OK. What was the question again?

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