Friday, September 27, 2013

It's normal to them

Thirty years after studying criminology I'd been watching the nature of criminals, mainly as they have become so prevalent in recent years not as individuals, which is fairly constant, but in an organised way, which is not. I applied everything I'd learnt including watching interviews with ex and current criminals, and by far the greatest cause, covering the great majority, is a blind spot, they think what they are doing is normal. This then extends to all irrational and bad behaviour, such as mistreating animals, lying and even simple irrational beliefs all follow the same pattern. However intelligent a person is they still can have blind spots, which are from a combination of immaturity, a weak mind and a prevailing culture such as Islamic Jihadism. So start with the worst, and imagine you have been brought up in Gaza where the teachers tell you Jews and Christians are pigs and dogs and must be killed. Your own morals have not been taught by normal parents and teachers but criminals, so you know nothing different.

Then go to the poor areas of cities where a few career criminals operate and bring along as many of the local kids to help them, and a few continue into a new generation. They do not care about the effect they have on their victims, and the main way people wake up is if it happens to them. But like its close cousin, addiction, people cannot be woken like an alarm clock with rational facts. They are as blind to reason as a blind person is to colours, and unlike most blind people could suddenly see them but only when they shift by themselves. There is little anyone can do until they want to change, but to them it's everyone else who has a problem and there's nothing wrong with them. Whether or not some people will wake up is not relevant, but the phenomenon itself which explains why after seeing all the evidence most people still think global warming will flood the planet in 100 years although they can never know for themselves. It's not complicated, in fact even the climate alarmist scientists don't say it is, they simply say double CO2 and temperatures will rise dangerously. CO2 has risen by 50% and temperatures have done very little, as have all the secondary and tertiary indicators such as sea level and extreme weather events, but as the same scientists haven't changed their minds despite new data then the idiots watching can't use their own minds to follow.

These blind spots are a permanent feature of a young society, as in immature, I can't say if society evolves or stays put and each generation reflects the same features as the last forever, but we can't fix it. All we can do is those not affected can understand those who are and little else. Occasionally a mass intervention will work, but mainly by the use of force, such as the British wiping out suttee and thugee in India, killing widows and gangs of armed robbers. But these sort of things continue in other ways around the world and the recent attack in Nairobi shows a perfect example. Do the terrorists think they've done anything wrong or care about the families left behind after killing people? Of course not. A conscience protects you from such actions, and although all but the most extreme psychopaths have one, they are all selective to some degree. These arseholes had a conscience that related to other Muslims, but no one else. To them they treat other Muslims like humans but not others, while other Muslims only see their own group of Muslims as human and not others. This is the same for muggers, burglars, armed robbers etc, and demonstrated in prison when they all gang up against sex offendors as while one set are happy to injure and kill people to steal from them they do not approve of people having sex without consent. I'm sure the sex offendors don't steal either.

So the nonsensical situation of human growth and weakness can be demonstrated here in all its facets, I don't believe anything less than mass action on a national scale can even scratch the surface, but we can only be aware of why people behave like this and not really expect to be able to change them as they have lost a part of themselves to what religion would call Satan, and their dark side is unable to be accessed by the rest of them, however good, decent or intelligent they may be on every other issue.

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