Friday, July 30, 2004

Quiet week

Blogging is mainly for keeping a record rather than to entertain, though if the record can be kept entertaining it helps. So I write if something happens, and I write if nothing happens. I haven't planned or thought about what I'll write here beyond describing the previous week since the last post.
It was quiet! Not sure where all my clients have gone exactly, but only saw the one on Thursday, and basically had the rest of the week to myself (don't worry, I can afford to...). I spent 2 sessions on the garden, which saved it from an all-time invasion from all directions of weeds and bushes. It's a mess, but on Tuesday it was a lot worse. The cat always enjoys watching anyway, and follows me from the front to the back if I swap over. I suppose the good news is that there isn't much housework left to do (I do have someone who does most of it for me) and that's the first time in nearly 9 years I can say that. Normally that's at the end of the list and only really gets done when I've used up every other possible diversion. I've even run out of things on the internet at last, after having free rein for exactly a year. I suppose I'll have to find life again away from the computer. More to come I hope...

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