Friday, February 11, 2005

A busy week

Warning! Rude word alert in post (near the end).

It's been a busy week in Kingsbury, nearly all business related but useful and necessary. It is satisfying though to look back and know I haven't wasted the whole week for a change as I often do nowadays. Now if my social life could be so busy as well... Anyway, one step at a time I suppose.

I have just written an article on what people actually get out of counselling, which is going into the usual professional journal but also being sent around the mainstream media as it crosses the boundary between my professional style and something people en masse need to know. I genuinely aren't sure whether my standard of writing either is or is potentially up to the level of the professionals, just as few students can predict the marks of their own exams. But I do know I use similar methods and plans as many of the people I read, and regardless of the style, which can be taught, have plenty to say. I'll just have to wait for an expert opinion, and they are being consulted.

On the spiritual front (for want of a better general term), I am still hearing from many people around me of clear and accurate psychic messages and coincidences, and was also very pleased to hear Nick Roach has been given a lecture near me following my radio call about him. I am learning more and more about people as well, at the moment from my own conflicts and encounters, and it basically confirmed what I already knew that everyone is different, and you can only get on the best with the ones who are either closest to you, or those who give you something special about them that you like. This sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but I can expand it to say that there are few limits as to what's possible. Anyone who hasn't done basic statistics will have to check the standard bell-shaped distribution, which basically says most people fall in the middle area, but there are extremes of positive and negative at the edges. And as we all have almost infinite range of personal qualities, most people are bound to have at least one or two extreme qualities at each end. Mine is extreme sensitivity to surroundings, for instance, so when one person would say 'I don't like the feel of this house' I'd get a panic attack and want to run out. It's genetic and just a pain in the arse, but we all have our crosses to bear. I suppose if I was to think of my extreme positives I am usually fairly quick on the uptake, including knowing what I want and why. But that is just to illustrate the point to go on to see how these extremes are probably the elements that create both the genius and the most conflict in the world, from personal arguments to major wars. It's the intolerance of differences in others by those with extreme qualities themselves that starts fights on every scale, and at least Buddhism raises many people above these tendencies from childhood, so they're caught soon enough to manage such natural tendencies. But as most people aren't Buddhists, that is the exception to my conflict model, but does go to show education can teach people how to handle their negative traits and though not all will be prepared to change, many will sooner or later, especially when they are the ones who lose as a result of their own shortcomings so have to change in order to succeed.

I hadn't intended an essay on humanity, but these are ways I organise the apparent chaos I often see around me so I can make some sense of it, and then as always share it, being prepared for contradiction though. These ideas I have are often speculative rather than certainties and can always be sharpened at least and sometimes replaced altogether, but that applies to all of science as well, and I'm not actually writing this for a university (though if I had the money I'd love to go back and do a thesis). But writing has always been one of my great loves, and the internet has given me a whole new opportunity to do so, and know it's always read. And if it's self indulgent, it's a diary for fuck's sake! That's the nature of diaries! And as all this crap has been saved up for 44 years it's the first darn chance I've had to share most of it so I'm taking full advantage. And my freedom of speech will always prevail, and if anyone's pretentious, just look up Will Self's articles. He's had awards for it (pretentiousness that is), and is also incredibly successful from it and probably bloody rich as well. Our job is not to please all the people, just enough of them to pay our bills...

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