Friday, February 04, 2005

Stream of consciousness

Well, time for another episode of 'The Kingsbury saga' regardless of actual events since the last time. The highlight was watching Manchester Utd thrash Arsenal on Sky on Tuesday 2-4, after being 2-1 down at half time. Neither team will win the league now but we truly rubbed the Arsenal's nose in it after last season.

Otherwise, life has passed automatically, but I now seem to have a trust everything is and will be OK. Don't ask me to describe the reasons in too much detail, except to say there may be a system and I may have been able to see it working. I just read David Icke who said the spiritual ones must go through the toughest situations to allow them to learn and grow, as I've heard from many others. It can certainly be one way to get experience and learn survival tools, but another view is once you realise there is always something to learn and actively look for lessons in everything that happens, you should catch situations before they need to get nasty. Ultimately we are all supposed to be able to transcend reacting to whatever occurs outside by residing in our inner peace, but until then we all have to manage with normal lives and often learn the hard way. But as I've mentioned before, I am learning to react to less and less in my life, which shows you can just try it and see if it can work for you with practice.
David Icke is also convinced other dimensions exist in the same way different radio frequencies all share the same space but rarely interact with each other. In about 500 pages time I'll be able to see if he can actually put a case good enough for me to believe it as well (and maybe even tune in to them), which would mean the other half of my personal quest may be opening as well (ie enlightenment and supernatural). The enlightenment side is now being taken care of by the teacher I've mentioned many times, and that alone would be more than good enough if it started to happen, but of course knowing the other as well would be the reward of a long search if it happened.

Looking ahead (as looking back only takes me as far as Sainsbury's...) I have a free day tomorrow, which should either be filled with a friend or the gym, and then the usual sort of weekend. Now though it rarely happens, any UFO sighting, call from an old girlfriend, offer of well paid work, proposition from future girlfriend, good news of any sort, or any other event beyond the norm in a positive way would be very welcome, but I'll be fine otherwise. The last little ray of light in my travels was seeing a very long row of Victorian houses (which always give me the creeps) being demolished in the centre of Guildford. Unfortunately, for some reason (posession by the devil??) maybe 70% of new houses in the UK are now built using Victorian designs, so at least this turns the balance a bit. Mind you, I have no idea what's going up in their place, and as a fellow London blogger I know will also probably guess, probably imitation Victorian buildings. That's the way it is here, they give with one hand and take away with the other (except this is in reverse...). But I wouldn't live anywhere else.


Stef said...

On the Victorian building thing ...

Have you ever wondered just how much we rely on Victorian works in London? Their buildings, their railways, their plumbing. Most of this stuff was mass-produced in double-quick time yet, if properly maintained, easily outlives much more modern construction. I wouldn't over-romaticise that era but they had something. Something we've lost.

Yes, a lot of recent designs mimick Victorian construction. There's a street not too far from me that has been built from scratch to look just like one from the Victorian era. Quite ironic when you think about how much of the real McCoy has been knocked down in recent years. I am a tad bitter about all of this. I have lived in Victorian buildings all my life. I grew up in Borough, South London and have lived long enough to see an entire cycle through. Wholesale destruction of buildings with real character rather than rennovation, followed by a period where the surviving buildings became awfully trendy and awfully expensive and a consequent romanticising of the people and culture turfed out to make way for progress. I'm not anti-progress per se but, unless you're very rich indeed, the new stuff is terrible.

Here's a picture I took in Borough a couple of days ago

To my eyes it's bloody marvellous. But maybe it's just me.

David said...

That's a cross between Coronation Street and Oildrum Lane! (Steptoe's fictitious district). But (springs into anorak mode) it looks pretty Georgian to me, (though the style may well have carried on into the Victorian) to me looks a lot nicer, especially in the many neo-Georgian houses built in the 70's, like George and Mildred and my grandparents owned. Lambeth of course has a large collection of huge Georgian mansions especially on the main roads around Stockwell, and probably the best place for anyone to see them.

Stef said...

Well spotted that anorak. I cannot lie. Yes, partly Georgian, partly Victorian ...