Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Privacy or disclosure?

Having been doing this for a while now, and causing a few potential ructions as a result, I am putting it out to the bloggers of the world (and possibly beyond) how they manage talking about their lives in public without upsetting others they know. Even when complimentary, suddenly wearing our hearts on our sleeves can still potentially embarrass the people we know who may not realise we like or even care about them enough to mention them in our blogs. Well, the world of gossip being private seems to have ended with blogging, and as I find people and life (at times, anyway) fascinating I have always been among the worst gossips, but previously to selected people rather than the world.
The number of posts that I've had to edit after giving away all but my credit card details mean I am learning boundaries for myself, but though the others usually remain anonymous, I know some read this and would identify themselves immediately. A pre-emptive campaign, maybe along the lines of 'Fame is fun' or 'It's better to be written about than not written about' would be a start, to encourage our near, dear and enemies not to curl up in embarrassment when they read what we really think of them, and all I would say in my own defence is if they want to write about me on their blog then I'd consider it an honour I was important enough to be included even if not complimentary. So many people are in our lives, so to choose someone to mention means they matter, whatever we say. The woman I used to mention (no names etc...) was there because I did care. If someone wasn't important whatever they did wouldn't make my blog, and there are many people I meet regularly that don't as they form the banal or annoying side to Kingsbury life I wouldn't want to extend any further than the direct experience of it that I have.

Well, how many gems do I have saved up today, since I've clearly been leading up to it? OK, I'll give the tip of the iceberg (well, more of a coconut pyramid or sponge, it's not actually that big). I have noticed that compared with regular dreams I've had all my life of girls like angels, there are a comparitive group in my life, some I know and some from TV. Examples would be Patsy Kensit, and for any real anoraks out there Carey Born from Grange Hill (c 1985) who I knew long before she was in it. Now the reason I mention it now is two have entered my life but not any more than at a distance. One I spotted the minute I saw her long before I knew a thing about her, and then discovered she had many qualities. The other is someone I knew long ago, and fits the description perfectly. I'm not idealising anyone here, as another I met on holiday 25 years ago turned nasty after a while, but everyone who saw her photos commented on her appearance. And her personality was the same to start with, but she probably grew up with the wrong sort of local pikeys and ended up more or less like them. She won't read this so I can say what the hell I like, and it does feel good!

Finally I'll add the 'Karma network' of people is now growing almost daily, with two new ones added last week at least. I'll have to organise something official online somehow now where everyone can add their own experiences, probably another blogspot (if they allow it?). Of course the reason for this would be to make me get this off the ground to widen the awareness of it as yet another karmic plan, as I seem to be some sort of contact point where so many people tell me of the coincidences and connections in their lives, as well as my own. If karma.blogspot.com is available, it may be up soon. So get your own stories ready, it'll be logged sooner or later.

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