Friday, February 11, 2005

Just for fun

I have decided to separate the mundane details of my busy week to a separate post, for those that prefer the more 'traditional' blog I also like to write but would have thought more likely to appeal to someone like my grandma...

Anyway, my busy week included in order: Taking said grandma's watch for repair (successful, as within her estimate limit, this is a watch she's had a very long time and means a lot to her). Having a haircut in preparation for same grandma's 95th birthday meal with her daughter/my mother, which went well. Having my monthly supervision meeting, and eating a sandwich in the car at traffic light stops on the way home. Of course there are also the regular events such as shopping and family visits and clients that's not exclusive to any particular week so I don't need to mention more than the once now. But basically that has filled the week so far which has (thankfully) kept me off the computer for more than a short visit per day, and given me some fresh air for a change. So this is the truly banal element of my blog, and for that felt it had to be separated from the pretentious stuff (as it's apparently been christened). As there's a comment box at the bottom, let me know which sort do you prefer? If the banal does win, there'll also be added in future waking times, toilet trips, phone call logs etc., so vote carefully... ;)

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