Monday, October 15, 2007

The present of blogging

I am a bit disappointed so far, I've read many new blogs through the links and found only a couple the least bit similar to my own. Besides everyone on Funtrivia, which seems to be the only place I know with similar people to me, I seem to be one of a small bunch. And despite having many similar interests I click on a blog supposedly belonging to someone spiritual to hear about chatspeak connections with men, fashion, religious nuts, babies (feh! keep baby stories to your personal friends, for god's sake!) and all the crap I stay away from by not looking at most blogs. But apparently even therapists, hippies and other people who should know better prefer to think about the same dross as 90% of the rest of the world that owns a computer (I think the rest are just struggling to survive in the third world) despite their apparent higher interests.

The therapists and others who just use their blogs to advertise are sad. People read blogs for information about you, not to buy a service. Besides the numerous product and music reviews which are just written by enthusiasts, you can get so many free sites why then use a blog just to sell yourself? And does it work? I doubt it somehow. I may become repetitive and boring as I just reflect those aspects of life and most of mine has been for some time. But it changes and I hope I present it in better ways than the ones who all sound like 13 year olds whatever age they actually get to.

Even some of the old linked blogs had people changing from general life to one subject which however interesting it may be only appeals to a few readers and really would be better either to mix it up or start a second blog for it as many have done. I can criticise as I have to read them and have really gone off many for those reasons. I used to read more than I wrote and now I barely do as the few decent bloggers seem to use themselves up very quickly and stop. I mean you either like blogging or not, how long does it take from your life? I'd rather here about people's trips to work, who they saw and what they think of Shirley Williams (old Alexei Sayle reference there) than see them give up or switch to single topics. I used to be far more to the supernatural and philosophy, but believe there is little left on philosophy and only report the supernatural when I learn any new. People say I've learned a lot and believe I have, and am even teaching a few as a result, so despite suffering in order to learn most of it (if you are left in a prison cell you may become very insightful, but what a price to pay) at least the growth was not just in my imagination.

I am hoping for changes in my own life in the future. Usually when things can go either way the most important go against me, and when anything appears to have potential it is an anticlimax. For a change I'd like even one new development to develop rather than pretend to exist only to vanish again. If you've read enough here you'll know some of the starts that were made that never made it past chapter one. Other people appear to have their fair share of success so I don't believe I'm exaggerating the chances compared to my results, but I seem to have done a lot worse than most if you add up what I have beyond the fulfillment of needs. And besides most people working a damn sight harder than I do to fulfil them, outside the third world there is nothing unusual about managing that. Wanting more is not a crime or unreasonable. But all this appears out of my hands.

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