Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another week

As I say, life passes and so does wind. And wind passing can often be more fun. I've sort of repeated each day in a variation this week. Even with the rain I've been able to take a video rather than many photos, and many more photos in places I wouldn't have dreamed of going until I used the others up and still got some nice results.

The women (two to be exact) are around one way or another, I say two as one more may be a possibility but can't say more until I know. If there are two (I can't think of that happening except once when the other chucked me anyway when I'd met the second one) I'd choose between them, but would need to have one or both available in the first place which I currently haven't.
The TV programme is in just over a week in America and then I hope to see it and also the whole series if they send me the DVD. I'm helping out on the website's forum as well as they have a number of abductees plus some fundamentalists that say the aliens are all demons. Yes, god created demons just to give us a hard time. Except very few of them do. Never mind, they know no more about them than anyone else which is why it's so easy to put any label on them we want as basically we haven't a clue.

Little ahead any different really, it has been a particularly boring week, even what little I did was no more than a blip in the horizontal line, returning to an empty house except for the odd message left by a cat.

Have I really succeeded at all in life? (inspired by a recent TV quote)? Wanting to be married from 24 onwards and have a few children I'm now approaching double that and although the business side was taken care of the people have dropped off one by one so whatever little resources I have are not to be shared with anyone. There's only so much you can do on your own and the current woman who is around shares the conversation of a not very bright 8 year old. Of course her other qualities make up for it but she can't provide much on that front somehow. Number two is some way off yet if a genuine hope and I only work with what I actually have in life, not smoke.

It only takes one or two people to turn it round. And if not the right ones they are no more company than the cat, often less. I have absolutely no plans for the week ahead, if it's light I can do yet more photos in weird places, then spend the rest of the day at home on the computer or eating in front of the TV. Now normally most people would say that's a good thing, but not when you can't share it with anyone. That is not how it should be.

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