Sunday, January 27, 2008

Either way...

Keeping busy can produce some interesting results. Being forced to be distracted from what may never happen in the newspaper has concentrated my attention, and besides a tiny bit of work between Friday and yesterday have been free to run wild. Taking photos in the rain in Golders Green and driving across Hampstead and Highgate with a video camera (bearing in mind the light goes at 3.30pm) is what happens when I run wild. But looking through the files wondered if I now have the world's biggest collection of photos of London NW11 (well over 1000) which ought to be put in a museum at least. The Golders Green photo museum, ran by me. That is an idea, except for the fact if it was located in Golders Green everyone going to see them would have just seen the same places before seeing the photos of them. A bit of a non-starter really.

I am majorly running out of ideas now, and officially there's only a week left for the paper to use the piece I'm in, and being the first after what will be 48 years on Tuesday is rather important. Possible date on Wednesday, visitors on birthday weekend and nothing else known. The paranoia about wasting the opportunity of using the article grows each day nothing happens, and the media are notorious for not using material. Nothing I can do about it. My latest photo album arrived yesterday, and with no known mistakes. I'll have to try and sell a few more now, when the weather improves anyway.

So, having a major career possibility contrasted the existing lack of anything at all in my life, another woman may be possible as well later in the year but that is very early days. If nothing happens then so be it, and the fact the media career also includes 3 speaking parts on TV, plus one I'm about to see when the DVD arrives. So slowly building, but so slowly there's as yet no public presence or image. The paper would fix that, and the career now rests on a knife edge.
Everyone would be the same in that position and most probably have what could be called a life to distract them from it. I have a camera and NW London. That is it at the moment. Until the book deal. My arse.

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