Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Busy new year

It seems I must have actually been doing things this year more than having time to write about them. Now that makes a change. Few have been very life changing, if any. I have seen a number of friends, as many were off over the Christmas period, and heard from a very welcome one as well. There are a few plans on those fronts but can't report unless there's anything to report after the events.
My American TV series started on Saturday, I'll be on in 2 weeks but until I get a DVD can't actually see it. Meanwhile my own Big Brother connections are slowly growing after seeing someone I know arrive in the celebrity cock up version they started last week. Being well over twice their age (it's a school leaver's edition) I really can't relate to any of them as however similar any may have been to me at that age (which none are) I can't really enthuse about meeting anyone of that age, except for a shag of course.

Other activities have included the usual photos despite the light going by 3, and sorting out the video so the buildings are now the right shape. I've been working on the car the last two days, with the garage's help, and a bit more booked for next week. After clearing the clothes cupboard for the first time since it was built in 1999 I still didn't find my decent trousers but did find some other long lost items.

This week the plans are slowly building up, work and things tomorrow so won't be out, possible visitor the next day and then I'm not sure, but if free am going to Dudden Hill to take photos since seeing a picture of it and finding something worth looking at there. Due to finding the 'Things to like about West Hampstead' group I decided to search around the roads there and did find a few very interesting ones plus some over the line in Cricklewood. And yes, I've taken a few people with me to take photos now so not the solitary pursuit it usually was. You can't tell by looking of course but once or twice they've taken a photo of me to spot the fact.

If I can add to this picture of suburban life with any more exciting news I will be only too pleased. I have many starts but not enough finishes, and of course the more major the plan the less likely the finish. I have a few on the go at the moment as I said, but always prefer to reveal the rare finishes than the hundreds of starts. That's normal but what isn't are the few finishes I've had outside the academic area and buying my house. Others mean looking back to my childhood period. No wonder I'm so stuck in nostalgia much of the time.

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