Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plans continue

I didn't want anyone to think I'd dropped off or anything, and I have actually been busier doing things than writing, plus half my activities haven't been completed yet so only one to report. That was my 3rd speaking TV part, on Women's Entertainment TV, a cable channel across the US, and hopefully I'll get a DVD soon so I can see it. That was on Saturday.
I am also awaiting a date for a newspaper appearance, more on that when it comes. That kept me busy for a day or so anyhow.

Otherwise it's business as per, another possible woman on the system, again more when it happens there, the other one should be seen next week as well. No work this week, I mopped up two videos so far on the new camera and plenty of photos, and tomorrow haven't a clue as although it's nice to be free there's only so much to do when there's no one else around. I'll have to wait and see. Of course the main thing is to get a newspaper date so in quiet moments is hard not to worry about that.
So quite a lot has happened but only a little reached me. Another album is due in a day or two, and I have followed up the IQ situation a lot further as well. It seems if I can provide evidence Mensa will consider it (did I tell them I was 11 though? that could make a difference). I traced my psychologist to heaven (should it exist) as she was an alter cacker back then so no surprise she is long gone. That is basically an end to my chance of getting her records, and my mum has mislaid the file with the correspondence we did have in 1971 although we doubt it had an IQ result. I expect I'll have to take it again either way and not hopeful of my ability any more. The media exposure is more important but both would be nice of course, why either/or?

Well, tomorrow is another day, the week has been productive so far but the ideas are running out. There's plenty of crap to do at home but I'd like something to do out when it's light as well. I've videoed NW11, NW2, NW3 and N2 now and that presumably means N6 next. That's covered that although I was there last week after an NW11 trip. As I can't do multiple Youtube clips as it needs a mains plug to do it I am taking a 3-4 minute video and then any photos in the same direction. Of course on VHS I kept filming while I had places to take but I don't know if I can make files any other way without possibly an expensive editing program. One I couldn't figure out probably either.
So I have to do one video even though I can get lots in a couple of hours, and at least it forces me to find other places for photos as well, Bounds Green today. Right, that's Thursday (or my next trip) taken care of. That fixes another day. It's nice when you don't have to rely on your own resources as well though.

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