Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While I'm here...

Speculation is the fuel of the media, and I am no better, except I admit no news allows speculation as it's human nature. I have many starts and few finishes, and even the finishes are graded by their effects. Most are good to have done but have no effect afterwards. The TV programmes would have both a possible delayed reaction plus the ability to make more on the back of them. One more on Saturday, the biggest so far but not in this country. These have the biggest potential for my life since getting my degree almost half my life ago, although the results are a lot vaguer and longer term. But repeats alone have meant despite one channel being pulled in the UK I must have been on about 10 times in the last year in this country, however few watch it.

I often struggle to make plans when old ones are done, and producing more paintings is fine but doesn't sell any more. I'm ordering another photo album this week as I have enough new photos to make one, but haven't yet got round to making more sales trips. Maybe when the weather improves. The female situation has slightly improved, one possible and one new arrival. Of course if both prove goers I'll make my choice, but so far one is going in about first gear.

Other than that I just looked up to find Mensa have changed the rules since my disastrous attempt to allow any official test results for entry. Pity they didn't then as mine was in 1971, one of the two involved has definitely died and the other was probably older so little chance of any contact. Why we weren't all given our results in writing is truly a mystery- I'm sure my parents paid very nicely for their time and besides me writing the score and components in my diary recall no other documentation. Who would have thought 36 years later I'd have probably been able to use such a document not so much for status but the only missing area I know for a social life. I met some of the potential members at the tests and some of the women would have made very good possible targets (as I see them as a man). And anyone in the place clearly looks at other members first or why bother to join in the first place?
Anyway, besides the fact they take tests at any age I don't think they become obsolete but once taken last for life. So for the lack of proper paperwork plus a change in rules (I certainly didn't see this rule back then) I may have lost my chance for a little extra in life. Academic qualifications are useful in business but have no benefit on your social life. I have asked if there's any way to validate said test results as I have names and dates but am not expecting much back. But I know I could make it now as the qualifications now include my own. A sworn document maybe (ha bloody ha...).

Anyway, I'm so far free this week (a good thing, sod the money), and will be taking videos to replace the ones taken on the digital camera, and they are all easy ones. I also won a word quiz today from I think 128 people which was quite satisfying. It all helps.

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