Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A week of cack

As per bloody usual, when little is happening something comes in to fuck it up, in this case (the government, the standard offender) has stepped in to do an investigation on my dole (yes guys, I'm on the dole, sorry), in the form of an interview next week. I've no idea why except apparently someone has pretended to be me in the past. Enough said. I won't let it ruin the week before it occurs though, it's not the investigation but the effort required to take the interview I dislike, but it's not as bad as many I've endured in the past.
So besides that little piece of mucus on the lens of life, nothing else has happened of note and is known ahead. I went all the way to Clapton today for photos, covered an area previously well known when I collected train tickets and lived nearer to it, and it's not really changed since then either.

I haven't got many plans outside the following day routine I've used for weeks, except none for tomorrow, although a tray of work accounts waits so I'll probably get that shot of before any leisure time. There's a friendly match on in the evening and I hope to go to that as well for the first time in ages. Things were actually going a lot better than they had for some time, so probably due for some balance. The teachers say if you live in a world of duality then the good is balanced by the bad, and here's some for me. The good admittedly has been a combination of lack of bad and my own efforts of travelling all over the place to keep busy, I've still barely seen anyone besides neighbours and visiting my grandma in hospital, and is due for a parole hearing on Thursday. I can only hope. I've also collected some fascinating old (and one newer) on stalls over the weekend which are some of the best I've found yet on local history and interiors plus one more on enlightenment. The theory is becoming more and more understood, except my real teacher says understanding it intellectually makes no difference although others disagree. I will see.

So a test ahead to dismiss fear from my mind while I carry on with business as usual, it seems I am being tested to overcome all the earlier problems I've suffered with, and this is another regular I've had to deal with all my life. It's really as if I keep being presented with situations until they stop distracting me from enjoying life and this is another. You can't have too much each time or you'll break and not bend. When I go out it's a little further each time and then I barely notice and that's how I work to recover.
There's little else I can think of and Big Brother is now on so I may as well stop before I bore everyone as usual.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the dole interview!

David said...

Thanks anon, they like to keep you busy and hate to see anyone not working when they are. Just making work for themselves and trying to put people off claiming I suppose.
It won't bloody work though!

Anonymous said...

your right - you just have to "play the game" with these people, let them have thier little power trip

Anonymous said...

But why don't you work? There doesn't seem to be anything physically or mentally wrong with you, so why not go out and get a job. Unless of course you're either lazy or you think to too good to work.

If you worked five days a week for eight to ten hours a day, that would occupy your time and would give you money where you wouldn't need to be on the dole.

The dole (government assist money) is for people who truly can't work because they are physically and mentally disabled. If you're not physically or mentally disabled, then you are committing a fraud on the government.

David said...

Very good medical reasons why I don't work, long term, and even when they allowed me to work part time I never found any more than something that lasted a week. I just don't like to go into details for the reasons here but they are quite legitimate ones.