Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My latest work record

Since it was requested a little about my working history. My last job was bloody ages ago, I was made redundant and after 18 months applying for jobs as required had a few interviews and no offers. The Job Centre then wanted me to take the cack they offer for people either with no qualifications (ie no graduate positions) or so obscure no one can qualify (fluent Japanese etc). This pushed me over the edge, I saw the doctor and they signed me off with anxiety. The new tablets calmed me down and sent me looking, another 100 or so applications and I got a job in a branch of a local optician's. Trainee manager. The shop was so far from the others no one came in the first week and the boss rented it out the week after and let me go.

I then returned to home study as my counselling qualifications were academic but not professional so no work available outside private. That mopped up a couple of years and passed them all in the end, and applied for new jobs which could now accept me. I got an interview in 2003! That was it. I decided to return to retail and worked the High Streets speaking to bosses and handing in CVs. Not a squeak. Then I became ill and that progressively got worse and it was clear going to the shops was my limit for some time, and that on good days. Luckily during that period I got my TV breaks, as they all filmed me at home so didn't have to do any more than perform without needing to travel which would probably have been impossible. I am gradually recovering now, I had problems with my immune system and infections that confounded the best of London's specialists. This in turn brought back the anxiety and although physical problems often improve the anxiety can last much longer, especially when the old tablets became able to imitate amoebic dysentery on one capsule.

So to my doubter/s, this is why I no longer work, when I tried I was shunned and spat out by the system, and then my physical health followed my mental health and finished off all possibilities of a job. Normally I'd say such details would bore people so I rarely mention it, but as things can only be fitted into the big picture this is it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, so that is why you don't work. Unfortunately, I cannot relate, as I do still feel that all of your "ailments" are basically made up just so you do not have to work. To me, someone who is so far removed from the world that you created for yourself, it seems as if you will find any excuse necessary just to NOT have to work like the rest of us folk who do so. Do you think we enjoy working? You couldn't be more wrong. However, like you, we have not been able to dupe the government enough to collect free money from them. The laughable part of all this is that there are people that could seriously use the help, but you seem to have the market cornered and therefore, these people are unable to be helped because people like you seem to ENJOY pulling a fast one on the government and thus making it difficult for the ones that truly need help to be able to get it;; and then you have the nerve to complain because you have been called in for an interview, so they can determine if, after all these years, you should be getting this money? What a big fat joke!. I do hope you are completely happy with yourself, because if I were you, I would hang my head in a toilet somewhere and flush it very hard. Hope you have a very nice and sad existence at least what is left of it.

David said...

That's OK, I remember when the prevailing attitude over mental illness (as towards paralysis a century earlier) is 'they could get better if they really tried'.

You've just shown it's still around and I would be happy to see you run over and paralysed so I could send you a message telling you to try harder to walk.

Yes, it's not really wishing you a serious injury, just a little irony but no different to your own attitude right back at you.

David said...

And I'll add if I respect my readers enough to share personal information they should respect me enough not to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Anon. You are in a vicious circle, David, and now believe your inner delusions that fame is awaiting so no job is neccessary. This is a delusion borne from spending too much time in your own head. A few TV weirdo ufo 'appearances' just means nothing. Get a job. Anything. Light work at first. Seriously. Change the energy trap you are constantly creating. If you can walk all around London taking photo's etc you can deliver mail, for example. Or anything. Just hear this anon voice from the universe. Get out there, David, and get a job then get a life.

Everyone thinks the same.

tashi said...

Anonymous ... you seem to have NO IDEA that there are people out there with clinical conditions (physical or psychological) that render them unfit for work in the common sense of the term.

Really, if you have nothing constructive to add to David's diary other than smug self-righteous superiority and a lack of compassion and understanding then kindly leave it alone. You ultimately achieve nothing here other than your own humiliation.

David, tashi read your posts about your work circumstance and accepts and understands your situation. The only constructive suggestion he'd make would be to encourage you keep trying to 'work from home', using whatever resources are available to you, in whatever field(s) of endeavor interest you.

David said...

Luckily in life we only have one boss to answer to, and if mine is the state so be it, but means no one else's opinion means a thing.

I did explain I applied for hundreds of jobs when capable, and was not me who refused to give me a chance in all but one. But otherwise it has given me the chance to help my elderly relatives (the next youngest after me is over 70 right up to 98) and pursue my real interests. I print colour photo books which could sell a few more although the cost is too much for many, and basically if the bills are paid business is taken care of.

The fame aspect is a bonus, and I never did it to make money, that would just be a nice extra if it ever came.

But what saddens me is why so many people are so interested in changing others, who are not hurting anyone, and all they do is create conflict as a result. Learn from my knowledge, not from the way I live my life. This is a relatively free country and I would never tell one person how to live their life the way you both do. In that way unfortunately it does make me the superior one, if you want to look at it in those terms. Any physically fit person can work at something but few learn much about life.

David said...

Tashi, you said it mate. In fact I do work from home a bit as I have for ages, but am only allowed limited hours under the rules. Had there been more available I could have done that alone but despite 'investing' thousands in advertising over the years business has never been good enough to rely on alone. I've also tried to extend my article writing to paid publications but of course however good you are only the top places can afford to pay for journalists and although many are accepted for publication hardly any of them can make a living from it as few are paid.

I'm far more concerned about having a woman and more friends in my life, that's what makes the quality, the rest is just survival.