Monday, July 07, 2008

Week's roundup

As my energy returns I'm gradually able to do more and more I could before, and have been the last week or so as well. That is a relief I can tell you. Nearly all business rather than pleasure but have been able to wander round shopping centres again which is not easy with little energy or balance. Youtake nothing for granted again in your life when you were barely able to do anything.

So, life is going on regardless. I've got a lot done and out of the way, small media possibilities later on, and the rest is down to fate and inspiration. More business chores to do but less urgent at least. Where it is heading, if anything ever does, is anyone's guess. Like if I settle for a retarded girlfriend as she is attractive and harmless, that is assuming she ever decides she wants me? Not technically retarded but functionally, meaning that is the actual impression her problems give. That won't change as far as I know, but fate again will step in and make the decision for me, well she will and the fact there isn't anyone else. But better than a kick in the teeth should it actually happen.
Inconclusive events continue as well, my hypnotic regression to see if I'd been abducted by aliens has been carried out and I was fluent and consistent. Rather than focus on the very basic and unconvincing event, not so much a memory as a vision of one, but whether it has connected me to a higher source of intelligence. I was answering questions of a pretty technical nature, often as if being told the answers and it all held together at the end. I'll see if it continues now and report back.

So, looking ahead, various things are possible and others the usual daily plans like a trip to Hanwell for photos of local features. I've run out of many places but Hanwell probably has its moments. I'm also simplifying my global warming message to a list of claims and truth which shouldn't take to long to create. They are the enemy as they are diverting resources from genuine causes and costing the ordinary people (you as well) a fucking fortune. What exactly are they spending the money on to stop global warming once they get it? Mainly to pay for Iraq. Problem-reaction-solution. Once you learn their methods they become totally transparent. I repeat them as until the majority believe it they'll win.


Anonymous said...

Great call from you to Clive just now -

David said...

Thank you kindly :)