Friday, July 04, 2008

Use your commonsense

I'm going to check my hits after I've done this, but know some people are still around. But my controversial comments must be becoming normal to people now as they haven't attracted any comments despite going out of my way to call a spade a spade. Not that I disbelieve what I say, I'm honest, but don't try and sugar the pill.

Our intuition tells us what's right and wrong, and politicians try and override it. Many people are brainwashed into believing you can't call blind people blind or spastics spastics although most of them don't mind as it tells people what they are. Or protecting ethnic minorities from offence they don't even care about. Lies and bullshit and even I assumed global warming was true in 1998 until there was no evidence of it and then the taxes followed. If you're in a market and you catch the salesman telling lies you walk away, so why the hell have so few people seen the fabrication of the global warming monster? The EU (read Nazi party revisited) have added a 20% global warming tax on already record energy bills, and no one seems to notice or care. I have but who listens to me?

One day I'll hopefully be writing this in a proper publication, Peter Hitchens and Melanie Phillips do now (besides their religion which is clearly deeply engrained) and they seem to make fuck all difference although they speak the truth. The only difference is I wouldn't be able to say fuck, but that's only because I picked it up here and do find rude words quite amusing in the right place. Till then I write it here and if one person reads something I've said and thinks 'Yes, he's got a point there' I'll have won. Besides the entertaining side of this if we can share what we know and demonstrate it to other people then we're helping the world. For instance the money spent currently on global warming research has been taken from worthy causes, people who need help now and not in the generations ahead they claim to be saving. Can you see the flaw in that? The sea ice is very high at the moment, global temperatures are steady since 1998 and the peak years Al Gore picked out were all years of solar maximum activity. That's a scientific fact, Mars had them as well and no one drives cars there. You'd think if you pull one thread the whole thing would come apart, but the investment in the lies has glued the crap together as long as possible so when the gaff is blown the researchers will be running to the bank with our money.

You see the world's authorities can't hold a knife to our throats and mug us individually, although they are managing it very well in Zimbabwe. They won't be able to get us to donate our money as if they were a charity, so they have to invent better and better ways to make us offer it to them. All those poor fucking polar bears and Eskimos baling out their igloos with buckets, my arse. The poor South Sea islanders being inundated with the sea level rise (the one that's been a steady almost bugger all for centuries) and the islands that are being inundated are actually sinking, just like the East of England. If I can learn (and provide linked sources) this why doesn't everyone else? Because I'm a stranger and Al Gore is a rich celebrity. And politicians are honest. What?

I have no career or benefit from telling the truth (except cheaper energy as we all do), they all do. So who's more likely to lie?

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