Saturday, April 18, 2009

At last!

My patience has been rewarded. At about 7pm last night this turned up in my Flickr messages in Bethnal Green.

Being such a huge place it's not too surprising since the last few only went last year on major roads the odd one would be hiding in the back doubles. Looking at them all now it would have taken more than my lifetime to cover enough Streetview for even one of them, and by the time I had it may well have been gone like the last three had. So I am now free to get on with anything else I like. I'll look for more when there's nothing to do, of course one without a lump out of it would help, but that is not unusual. I'm also writing two more articles and will be sending them to mass market magazines now, as with ten or more years having them published within the profession should have reached the point I can contribute to somewhere commercial. No more ideas besides a possible bill for the car that may reach its value, but they do that, don't they. Brakes don't last forever and these have worn to nothing for the second time in my life since I owned a car. And two tyres in a year and a half. Michelin, in case anyone there reads this. If it cost nothing I'd post them both back to France and tell them I'm buying Russian ones again in future as they lasted for years and cost half as much. Or Bulgarian.

I also met my friend Lesley from on Tuesday with her son, which shows the friends we make online are no different from any other way, except they nearly all live too far to see more than once in a blue moon. So I'm more or less free now, no more searching required at last and sent about 10 councils emails looking for these signs, two have come back negative but more are investigating, and I can easily email every one for 50 miles just in case. Maybe it'll be a girlfriend next. It can happen.

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