Monday, April 27, 2009

Space ahead of me

Space, the final frontier. I must use it well but all has so far been provided to me rather than chasing anything. I hope it continues. Meanwhile I have a few more items in the arsenal for enlightenment, Jackie O'Keeffe has shown me in a way it's impossible to contradict, if you grow up and no one ever tells you you are a person you'll think you are nothing (what you see looking ahead), a body with parts that come and go (as you see it) and no actual difference between what the space ahead contains and you. That is our direct experience, but with conditioning we learn something else. Then someone Like Jac comes along and tells us we were right originally and we have to deprogramme that just as she has. Ditto with time. We actually see things happening now. Nothing more, ever. Nothing ever happened a few minutes ago or tomorrow, although we retain a memory of the past nothing happens there. And there can be no future as once we reach tomorrow it's now again. But again if we weren't told about calendars we'd just assume everything happened now, as it of course does. And finally who we are is just what we are now. Nothing we did in the past determines who we are now, and put all three together I am really a space containing the computer and room surrounding it, my identity is an empty awareness and I only exist now.

That is my direct experience and yours, and by experiencing your own identity as that before or without the conditioning that is meant to be how we should be, given everyone who says they are feel a lot better than before. It covers all the healing and therapy in one go along with all the drug induced attempts to get to the same place we all ultimately are. All the search for pleasure is ultimately for enlightenment, the wish behind the wish is for more, until that is the final one left. I picked this up long ago although all work to get it has been on a purely mind level, which may only partly serve to break down the mind that stops me experiencing my true being now. I have met plenty of these teachers and none seem to be dishonest and not many are very rich from it, quite the opposite.
I am also checking with my friend who now lives in India if he knows her as they both lived in the same town for some time.

So I have almost nothing known ahead. There are the usual emails for work and road signs I'm waiting on replies for (some fucking chance really) although one magazine just said they'll have a look at my work next year when they need some so not all zeros. The gardening and eye tests will be done, and tidying the house since a search for a (still absent) computer cable discovered my photos and started digging the house up for more. So if all I do is go out on my bike and to the local parks and work in the house it'll be something, although it would be nice for a little more. All the last events happened outside any of my control (normal) but were good (new experience) so have a track record to follow. The last few days were nothing special besides one new possible sign making opportunity, but more of a test for my trust than anything else.

My 4th TV programme has been fully distributed by me now, and as I've had a new client now from one of them shows it does work eventually however few people see it in the UK. That area is now complete but besides a comment the journalist wants to add to my national paper interview her editor hasn't used, there is nothing new on the system. I was not designed to be patient, if I'm asked or required to do something I do it first then fanny around. It can be done and is, but most people would rather do anything than something quick that is best out of the way. So as I can deliver instant service I expect it, well prefer it as well. There isn't always much to do when you're waiting. I'm currently viewing every road on Streetview in the London area (only as they haven't done anywhere else within 50 miles) in case I find more old signs, as they are going too fast to wait. I have found two so far I'd never have otherwise so does happen, and is free unlike the visits I still make in Surrey where they haven't covered much of.

I missed the red triangle sign in perfect condition off my old road till about 2005 but with great patience found another this month (albeit with a bit missing), and missing a couple of local direction signs motivated me to drive a lot further to never miss another. The furthest I've been is along the Sussex border where Surrey have kept the old signs on their A roads (23 I think), Aldershot, but only Hertford in the other direction as that was the last one I could find before Harlow (no thanks). Others are much further and beyond the call of duty. I think I've got more or les every type for the directions now and a small selection of the others, many very rare indeed. And with the red triangle the set is complete now but all new ones are welcome as each direction sign is unique and there were plenty of other generics I haven't got. Dual Carriageway, Keep Left, all other red triangles besides the few I've got (missing the triangle or circle besides one), No Entry (illegal so very unlikely), and Halt (about two in the whole country). Some were so rare I don't even remember them first time round. But the time-effort equation now is almost 1-1 million and only continuing as all done virtually online. Fills the time though and learn every road in vision as well.


God I Am said...

Interesting, would it not be cool if every now and then a sign would ask us to stop and ask a question about what you don't know.

David said...

Well since I've been in the flow everything does seem to have a message or a gift, it is all over the old texts so seems to be a phenomenon that's happened through history.
Your name here is very similar to my satguru name I use on many sites, it is the being behind the illusory 'I' so applies to each person when they find it.

God I Am said...

An amazing forum blogging it affords some amazing syncronicity. I love walking into a book store, we have a great spiritual book store in Vancouver. Almost every time I have a block a book appears at the ready. All the more phenomenal is that I only buy used books a very small section in the store. I like the way you think thanks for the blog.

David said...

Thanks God I Am. The few on the similar path get me, and many others don't, but to be fair I don't get them either. Unlike them I don't judge them like they do me, but that is the difference between being on the path and in the gutter, relatively speaking.