Thursday, April 23, 2009

Everything fits

Normally when someone has a nutty theory it seems to run out of legs very quickly when reality takes over. But since the event where I decided something had to be guiding my life and would probably continue to do so it has done, for now over a month. Three possibilities only exist. One, I am wrong, two, God is in charge, and most likely, three, this is a dream of my own making and I've started learning how to direct it. Either way I can say that when life is arranged and gives you what you want it is no less satisfying and a lot easier as well.

In the last few weeks it has given me my red triangle sign, got my 4th TV programme on after 3 years wait, got me to visit a whole lot of my neighbours, got my car fixed for a reasonable price, stopped my broadband being down too long for me to miss a quiz round here or elsewhere, turned up more old signs whenever I was at a loose end, and located boxes of old photos I'd forgotten where they were. Just the ones I remember. There are now many more things I'd like, and no reason not to expect them now. Besides the obvious woman, newspaper article and enlightenment although with all of them there wouldn't be much more needed really. I've completed my main projects now, any council replies are up to them and any more is a mystery.

There is also a list of things I've missed and would like back, some of which are possible. There's a gold ring I was wearing when I moved house in 1995 and didn't put in the jewellery box and was likely to have hidden elsewhere, a TV series I'd like to see again I missed when it was repeated last year all in a single showing, various people I'd like to see again from the past, at least find out exactly where the old roundabout sign was I saw last summer, and many more others like that which may happen if things go my way. Through the internet I've got a record, a couple of TV films, and various other items so rare I'd never have located them otherwise, so can happen. And of course get an article in a daily paper at last.

So, I am free, anything can happen and since the guidance started it's all happened as it should, and when it went quiet very quickly something else has turned up. As a psychic friend says if it happens a few times it's chance, if it happens a few hundred it's real. This has carried on for around two months and no reason to see it ending now. Maybe I've hooked into a kind of energy field, or whatever, but the results are there and speak for themselves. Read back a year or two and you'll see these events have been an exception until now.


diver said...

'... something had to be guiding my life and would probably continue to do so.'---------------------------------------------
Sure, I subscribe to this idea. I think it may have something to do with those individualising processes and urges that Jung and Maslow blather on about. I think the 'deal' is, when we're being faithful to those processes then 'things work' for us. Something like that anyway. In any case it's good to hear things are working for you at the moment, David! Cheers.

David said...

That's the difference between religion and experience. When you see these phenomena directly you don't need others to tell you how to do it. Jung clearly was in touch with this area and quantum physics is now catching up.