Friday, April 03, 2009

Al Gore, leader of the underworld

We rarely get second chances in life but a saviour came my way at the weekend, first finding a sign I missed as it was too dark to see, and then London's only known pre-1963 warning sign (minus triangle on top) meant I was all over East London till today. The first sign had no paint and unlike his daytime shot the flash rendered the first name invisible. No matter, CANNING TOWN below was just legible as well as A13 at the top and can't help the odd ricket when taking photos. But at last I have a London warning sign and may ask if I can get the triangle back on (about £20).

I've been busy working this week, it's been in bunches as long as I remember and followed another drought where everyone starts and stops within a week of each other. Like women who start menstruating together although no hormones are exchanged in these cases. Accounts to enter tomorrow, 3 months have been saved for me, the quarterly entry is months late and out of my hands, I only do what I'm asked to do. It was my only outside job (across the road) until the marriage broke up so the stuff arrives in a bag now to do right here. Meanwhile the councils are behaving nicely, letting me know they are on the case and will let me know when they get a result, except one I will email soon to see what the fucking hell he thinks he's doing. Basically if it's a no, then tell me, and if it's a wait then tell me. You don't just vanish for nearly two months after a phone call and email from me giving him all the information he asked me for. He was a nice bloke but what sort of sense and manners does it make just to leave it alone whatever the outcome?

Plans? Well I was bloody tired after coming in from all directions at 1am (to avoid the traffic taking signs) and had today in this chair to recover. Tomorrow is accounts and some gardening, and Saturday suspect more accounts and gardening. I must trust the future as long as tomorrow is covered each day. I didn't search for the latest sign, besides a tagged photo search, but someone else found it for me. I just need one photo of one complete with a triangle now but not having one I could have got for 40 years made sure I took every one however inconvenient it was to get there, including two trips to New Cross in three days. Whitechapel and Clapton last two as well. I'm Streetviewing every road in London now in case and suspect every humped or metered road ripped out anything old when they were fucking it up for the motorists. I barely see a residential road without humps and I'd like to stick brambles up every councillor's wife's vagina so they know how they make us feel in our cars. Like an eye for an eye but a little lower and ruder.

So I must stop any impatience as although today was relaxing so little happened and so little is known ahead it is getting boring already. The media are still silent, two TV and one paper is currently still alive although more dormant than Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh (a volcano which last erupted millions of years ago). The women are not dormant, they are dead so I must start from scratch with no one from my past now on the system. Without being married 24 years (mostly) doing one woman is getting close. I did stop for girlfriends but got right back on after each. Needless to say she wasn't single or bothered either, just a very long term habit we'd become used to. That's now finally moved on and discovered there wasn't anyone left to fill that space.

How long it will take for the new data on global (not) warming to reach enough people to kill the myth altogether is a sociological conundrum. Each week more data arrives showing ice did not melt in the past or present as temperatures rose, CO2 concentrations are within normal levels and rose after the temperature anyway, carbon credits are fraud, carbon taxes are theft (obtaining money by deception), polar bears are thriving, and most of all average temperatures stopped rising in 1998.

The religious propensity of the warmists is such it rejects all and every item of material that doesn't fit their bible (written by Al Gore, who makes Rupert Murdoch seem human), and they are quickly becoming as much of an enemy as muslim terrorists, who just killed a 7 year old Israeli boy with an axe 'for occupying Arab lands' as quoted by Hamas who carried it out. I think that says it all. So far no green activists have murdered anyone, but by slowly reducing power in poor areas people will die of cold (yes, it still gets cold, you wouldn't believe it after listening to them for a while) and related illnesses so in a way they are just as dangerous and harder to trace cause and effect. Rich people can afford carbon taxes but as we all have to pay the same ones then it will come from the food and heating budgets for many. The warmists are wrong, cruel and mentally naive and their leaders who like me, know the truth, are pure evil. Of course Al Gore knows it's a crock and laughs his arse off every day watching the masses run around and do his work for him willingly. What a fucking arsehole he truly is.

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