Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talking to God

Having come across two teachers who cut out the middle man (ie themselves) and ask you to talk to God yourself, I felt this was probably the best route myself, my screenname of satguru replies to the god within that tells you what it knew before you as an individual discovered it directly. I had a few questions and the first thing I switched on today was a film where the main man was saying how he heard God's voice directly and didn't tell many people as although many others he knew did most people would assume he was potty. That's clearly timing as usual for me. The synchronicity works but the gaps (apparent) in between make business a far longer chore than the possible pleasure to follow. I'm still caught in the illusion of having to suffer for my benefits.

The two threads of finding God within are transcending all outside events and changing them to fit. The two schools claim either it's better to be peaceful whatever happens regardless or to make things the way we want as we already create them but have to learn how to control it. In the end both are presumably accurate and purely up to the individual which appeals more. This goes way beyond changing your thoughts as my thoughts normally reflect outside rather than vice versa, that is they record rather than influence. Teaching grandma to suck eggs has always applied, if you tell someone something they don't know it's a gift, if you tell them where their shoes are, or the local shop they already know, and if you go a step further and say although you've been going shopping locally for 15 years they know a quicker way of getting there you'd probably say they were taking the piss. It's nearly as cheeky as my clients telling me how to do my counselling or challenge the method I'm using. I know people want to know more than others but that is arrogance or bossiness and not actually helping even when people think it is.

I am designed to teach and communicate, and only share when I'm pretty well certain what I know. That's the result of a law degree as anything else gets put in the bin by the lecturers. Once you've been trained to work things out before sharing them you are sorted. However, in true Buddhist tradition I only aim to offer teaching when asked, unless simply writing to the world as I do here. One thing I do know is not to treat the pupils with any judgement, as you don't learn like that, you rebel. Challenge someone's personality rather than their learning and it becomes a fight. Patronise or interfere where it's not your business and you are not teaching but on an ego trip. I also recommend people find their intuition, test it over and over again, and then realise as I did that you can know many things without actually experiencing them in any way previously. If someone seems wrong, check, and if you find they are then you can probably tell more or less instantly. You don't need to know or care why any more than how your TV works. We don't need the circuit diagrams in life, just the TV guides. Pick a topic and tune in.

People also all learn and respond in different ways. I either get something instantly if simple or on a long and winding route if complex. You can't speed it up unless you can cut the corners of the teaching. But if the teacher loses patience it is their weakness and not the pupil's, and in life unlike school there are no deadlines to pass. And some people take what I write here about myself far too seriously, as I don't mean it as such. I report the daily activities intentionally as an outsider rather than personally, stating direct facts rather than my opinion on them. It reads like a diary as it is a diary, and half the purpose is to sort out my own mind by emptying it out and looking at it. It gets it out of me and allows me to see where I am. As I enjoy reading other people's diaries I do it in public but aren't really expecting anything to change as a result of doing so.

Finally hold up a mirror. How would you react if someone 'taught' you the way you teach others? Would you like it, learn from it or kick them in the nuts? Well if you'd do the third option that is how you make other people feel by your own version of tough love. It's confrontational and teaching isn't a competition or a punishment, if anyone wants to teach at any level or capacity they have to learn the rules first.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

As it appears that you are a believer in a supernatural being that is commonly called God and therefore that His book being the Holy Bible and that God is known as the Word. Then apparently there are various religious groups that using God's Bible and words say that Jesus will return to Earth on the 21st May 2011 and that will be Judgement Day and it is the beginning of the end because if the whole world does not give respect to Jesus then God will destroy the Earth and all that is on it on the 21st October 2011. Apparently it is there in the Bible and it is God's word it will happen.
Gee YOU have a LOT of work to do to get people to return and give respect to JESUS if YOU really want to save the world. Good luck with your mission. Oh and you had better talk to the fairies and the other little things at the bottom of your garden and get them to help you with your mission. Go forth you great believer of things in your mind.

David said...

I'm an agnostic, as there are clues there may well be a god but can only know if enlightened. Belief is not knowing, so technically all unenlightened believers are also agnostic as they don't know, I just admit I don't but the alternative is pretty rough so may as well look. I've experienced enough myself to know there is a lot more going on than we realise, and it's a good bet if god is found it's only my own consciousness creating everything. Religion however is not god but man made lawmaking and explaining what couldn't be understood. That is more political than anything else and like politics has dictators who have a lot and make the orders and the masses who have little. God is partly a synonym for enlightenment but would also explain all the stuff I've witnessed over the years. It's either me making it happen or a force which can control everything, and that's the definition of god really.