Friday, December 31, 2010

More than meets the eye

I will reiterate two replies to yesterday's comment here, god is not religion and I do not believe, I don't know. That means all believers are also agnostics as if they don't know they have no basis to believe. If you're not enlightened you have no direct knowledge of god, and even they may have it wrong. But the synchronicity in my own life and others tells me that as everything frequently fits together so exactly it would need a scriptwriter, then either I'm creating the lot like a dream or a force which can create and control everything is, and that's a pretty good definition of god. That doesn't make god good or bad, the good part isn't even in the bible as god is a moody bastard and so was his son Jesus, so if you expect the existence of god to mean it should be like heaven then you haven't read enough to demonstrate god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. No one said he's a decent guy really from many official sources, he smites, creates ghastly illnesses and all the things the atheists use as a reason he can't exist, while in fact no one who does believe ever thought the opposite but still believes despite all the nasty stuff.

So god existing won't stop all the usual crap happening or not, if god made bogies and periods it means he has a mean streak and like all dictators may well enjoy the power a bit too much, or it could be a test for us and we do indeed move on to better and better places. Who knows, but at least I've learnt one lesson here is that god existing has never meant heaven on earth.

My goal of enlightenment is the escape from the effects of the crap, as that crap is always the same and as that won't change only we can. I have extended all my own feelings and senses through meditation already to prove what we start with is only the basics, and all can be improved, but unlike my weightlifting all but the clairvoyance die down very quickly and can't often be recalled at will. But once you've seen you can see auras, feel way better than normal, and hear others can do the same for every other area then we are designed to increase and improve our resources indefinitely, and enlightenment is the spiritual equivalent of a PhD. Having spent 13 years using pretty basic methods to reach that level I got basically nowhere, and only discovered a couple of teachers who used the god analogy as a route rather than a goal, as by personifying the force you get in touch with it better. That's where the mind is dropped as there's no point trying to understand the mechanisms as I said last time, just trust the teachers and any results you get. How and why isn't important. But I'll never get religion, that's nothing to do with god and just a spiritual version of politics.

I suppose I'm pretty lucky I've found a small crack in the seal anyway, not big enough for me to get through yet but enough to have allowed a little more through when it opened a bit. There are other clues I notice which imply there is a bit more than random chance behind the lot, but my goal is simply to feel good as is everyone else's. Labelling it isn't as important as getting there, and also if I see things happen around me which aren't supposed to then it is my duty to investigate. Synchronicity is written about throughout history, and basically a tiny minority of people want to know more so will not be interested in getting any higher than they already are, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. But the few motivated to keep going beyond the boundaries of existing knowledge can't avoid doing so and is not necessary for anyone else to want to follow. Many predictions say we are all headed there eventually, but some have to start although everyone will follow in the end. It's the same evolution which affects everything else and if we're still evolving then our consciousness will do so too.

So basically most people can't get this, and the few who do know pretty much exactly what I'm saying and our only problem is getting there. We can't do much else as it promises so much more than we could get otherwise.

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