Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Looking at reality again

Due to the weather (with more expected) I've been in more than usual (even for me) so more time to blog of course. I got out for some food today at least, that was quite enough and if we get the heap overnight I won't be going anywhere tomorrow and probably start the painting I saved for such a situation. I even got out of a dodgy arrangement tonight due to the possibility of getting snowed in so has given a benefit as well. I emptied my stationery cupboard in case a letter I thought may exist was in there, I found one item I'd lost straight away and the rest was exactly what I thought was in there and no more and now I've got to put it all back.

I've done a bit of research on the TV programme being syndicated in the US, it basically appears it's still on cable but on many more channels which presumably are available to a lot more people than Discovery. The TV there is so complicated I have no idea what's available otherwise but a move in the right direction. The current theme has been hunting for treasure, one of my favourite activities and began when I found the negative with part of the old road sign on it. I trawl every available area like when I used the metal detector, uncover loads of ring pulls and rusty shit but the occasional coin and even the odd item of gold. I am making as many starts as I can while unable to finish without another person's decision or pure luck. It's a good game as long as you actually win it sometimes.

The current seeking is satsang on Youtube, once I had to visit lectures or watch videos people provided, now I can watch, albeit partially, excerpts of the best teachers around, and realised now although discoveries can work in the mind to remove a blockage, they don't require the mind to work anything out to become enlightened. Use the mind and you bring it into place, so enlightnment has to work without the active use of the mind through meditation- direct experience. That will truly be a deliverance. I see the good and bad in life, but does seem as taught to even out so not worth relying on as the lows cut down all the highs. If you're happy with it then it's fine, but if you're not it's time to look for the only possible way out.

The snow is now piling up, if I do a good painting tomorrow as a result all the better. I've been making plans in reserve for months, you have to when no choice.

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