Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beating the new world order

Knowledge of the way they do their tricks is the only real power the people have over magicians. These do not really print more money, they just devalue what they have and know most people think there's more. In fact commodities and resources are measured daily by organisations worldwide to set prices, and are incredibly price sensitive. If supply goes down the price goes up, and if cash goes down the price goes up as you need a certain number of calories a day for life, but the cost of them will change from week to week. Therefore the true value lies in the constants with actual physical functions and benefits.

In Britain they pretend renewable power works. They apply the same trick to firstly tax fossil fuel till it's a lot closer to wind and solar, then subsidise renewables with the money they've taken from fossil, and Chris Huhne lies to millions on TV and says they now cost almost the same. Now if you own Persil and buy Omo and Daz, and then own all three, then any price changes can be evened out and you still get it all, and the same amount. If Omo can wash 10 shirts and Daz can wash 100, if you just buy both companies and prefer to sell Omo as the profits are far higher, you just fix the market and hope people don't notice.

The trouble is people are like alcoholics. They rarely wake up till it's too late and they are in such deep trouble they may die. When the idiots paying the price of a car for a solar panel can't heat their houses a few years down the line they'll wake up one day and realise they've been had. I could see it before they even called the bank to make a loan, and before the salesmen even knocked on their door, but all they could see was the promise of 'free energy'. Now the word 'free' is an absolute term, like 'pregnant'. It is not subject to qualifications, something is free or not. Solar power is a very clear set of figures. You spend a lot up front, and due to government subsidies, if you go away during the spring or summer, they will pay 10 times over the market price for the power you generate and are not there to use.

Otherwise you both have already paid, and are then paying maintenance costs and actually discover that the percentage of your total household energy a panel produces (I must check the new figures now) is under 10%. The only free option is simply because someone else pays for you, if the company use your house as a site and collect all the power profits it generates. So technically it still isn't free as someone else has paid for you hoping they can make a profit.

I use solar power as one of the clearest examples where the knowledge is already out there but cannot explain this to a single person who is blinded by fear of the climate. Unfortunately we don't have the time to wait for these weak minds to climax, as the majority of the civilised world will be broke long before enough of them have their personal epiphanies. If there was such a thing it really would be time for divine intervention. I hadn't even reached world tax and government yet.

I write these as source materials for everyone. I have been slowly putting these together for years and now is the time we all need to be fully informed. Copy, paste and share!

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