Friday, December 09, 2011

Rome is burning

Meanwhile Rome is figuratively burning, as the future of individual EU countries is about to be signed away tomorrow, with the potential fate of Italy to follow us all by having our governments replaced by unelected EU officials, many from the very banks that wrecked the world economy- three alone are from Goldman Sachs. That's pretty much like allowing the most successful thieves in a country to join the cabinet as in financial terms they are qualified to do the same for the country. That means Nick Leeson could soon become our prime minister if anything happens to Cameron like being offered something better on the continent. He's clearly working for the other side (ie Axis powers) as he's said he's putting the survival of the Euro over all other considerations. As he's in charge no one under him has a single chance to challenge it.

So by the weekend the EU will be run by the Axis, Germany, France (they were not really against the nazis, they were roughly split in practice, the resistance probably evened out by the collaborators from what I've learnt), with Italy swinging sides as usual. Everywhere else will simply do as they're told, with the rules coming from the top whatever government happens to be in charge, pretty much what the last two wars attempted to do unsuccessfully. Germany, to their credit, know how to run a country, and if we were all run the same way would probably have never had a recession. However, in a democracy they would travel the world teaching others how to do the same, much like the better parts of the British Empire, than simply taking us over.

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rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

The UK should NEVER have joined the EEC / EU in the first place. It as known from the start that it would take a lot of British way of life and that the UK would be amongst the biggest financial contributors and receive the least in any trade and financial benefits from being a member. It was always going to be run by the Germans. Winston Churchill said that Germany lost two world wars but they would win the third world war by never firing a gun. And this is how they are doing by controlling currency, industry and buying overseas companies. The Chinese are buying up overseas companies and giving out big loans. Look how the USA and even Australia is in debt to the Chinese.
The UK Prime Minister is a wonderful man and leader and I mush admire him, he is strong and determined to put the great back in Great Britain. I wish him well in hitting back at the unions and those who strike. Hopefully he will become one of the UK great leaders like Churchill, Macmillan and Thatcher. Hopefully also the UK will pull out of the European Union and be strong with the USA, no matter who they have as a president, and with the Commonwealth of Nations especially with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.