Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the satguru means and how to find it

How to find the satguru.

The satguru is your inner wisdom, the source of intuition and all knowledge. We are all in touch with it at times, but do not usually know it or trust it. The easiest way to find it directly is to read or listen to a number of spiritual teachers on the same subject. You will find the more you hear the more they disagree and teach different things about the path to enlightenment. Of course they can't all be right, and all are equally qualified, so rather than give up what do you do? Ask yourself which one feels and seems right. When you get the answer it was not by logic or evidence as all the knowledge was unknown to you. But you were still able to pick the best one.

Once found, keep using it for every situation you need it in. It will get better and more frequent information, and may tell you thinks you had no way of learning directly which turn out to be exactly correct. There is little point ever trying to convince others of what this has told you as it is the highest form of knowledge and only for your own benefit and to advise others without them needing to know how you found out about it.

If we could all learn to do this we'd never vote for the wrong people or trust ones who are dangerous, and gradually as a result they would lose their power. I have used it for most of my life. It doesn't require asking, it comes to me. Once you recognise the feeling, which is quite different from every others as a calm certainty, you know when it is working. I have picked up criminals, liars, scams, impending disasters etc more and more all my life, and at times is almost enough evidence physically around to at least demonstrate it to others as a possibility. But unlike the satguru they can never be certain unless they see it proved. But then it is always too late as they have trusted the wrong people and couldn't risk letting them go in case I was wrong. Therefore each person has to develop their own satguru as you can't expect to rely on someone else's.

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