Thursday, December 01, 2011

Seeing through the illusions

It's taken me some time but now realised what I've been doing. I am naturally able to see through much deception, and if not then learn the first time it happens and apply it in the future, there aren't many variations so mopped up the remainder pretty quickly and can now see straight away something is a shit in a velvet jacket, from the wildest African emails many people I know personally who run businesses believed first time, to claims and deals to good to be true, to every single prediction (as they can't be done).

This means I can and should be used as a lens to correct perception for others, as if I see a steaming turd behind a pretty face I expose it every time and tell everyone, and will perform this happily to order. But pride gets in the way and most people have the view that they don't want it to be pointed out as it makes them look stupid as they didn't see it. So with most people having that attitude all I get when I regularly do point out scams is get told off and insulted by everyone who hasn't already worked it out for themselves. As this probably covers about 70% of the population the scammers know this and take full advantage as pointing it out makes no difference and as long as most people believe a lie the others suffer as a result if it affects us all. As I simply work things out one at a time I only really just realised what I was doing, the abuse it actually attracts is because people both can't work it out themselves, and then when explained how its done unless you actually provide signed confessions and following convictions they say I'm making it up. No, they've been fooled, and unless either the authorities or perpetrators admit it directly no messenger can get through.

I've found my position and will now work from the top down, and taking my findings to the media for them to take or leave. They are only interested in a story and if interesting will publish absolutely anything, so my only hope as far as making more people aware of what is being done to them. But it's a natural ability and I'll use it in full knowledge now.

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