Saturday, September 29, 2012

Angel progress2

I've been on the phone with my friend who trusts the angels implicitly, and as a more scientific type am happy to try the experiment out as I have nothing to lose and an open mind. She also drifted off to talking about how much we have to do, and in the end had gone full circle to taking our own initiative, while the angels just make things work more easily. Now to me either they are angels (virtually omnipotent) or nothing, and if you believe in angels you hand stuff over to them. Not just 'make this bloody hard job a bit easier' but 'do this bloody hard job for me as it's actually something you're a lot better at and assigned to do it'. No buying dogs and barking yourself.

Nothing out of the ordinary as such, but it is at least an interesting experiment. My theory on it if correct is instead of being bounded by our physical sphere of influence, eg you ask a woman out and she decides, or write an exam and someone else marks it, angels and any other tricks extend this boundary so we don't just do our bit but ask for outside help to influence it the way we want. I think I'd notice if they did, especially as I now write a daily record of it to do it properly. But as long as I remember if I was waiting for anything I knew was possible I'd be distracted from everything else even if it was weeks away. It's my nature and as a child I pulled my carrots up to see how they were growing, and tried to get some of my plastic models out of the moulds before they were set. Having wrecked them both as a result I learnt not to do that again, but when I make a request and see any chance of even the first step on a distant horizon I do the maths and say 'nothing's happened', which technically is correct. I am talking supernatural here, ie no physical laws apply. My books have numerous examples, including verified timeslips and teleportation, as there was someone at each end who saw the person at point A and then point B either instantly or far sooner than they could have got there normally. Not being possible at will you simply can't subject any of this to a scientific test as until someone volunteers themself who says they can do it when asked, it's only those lucky enough to be there at the time who can confirm each story one by one. Quantum physics is still at the root of it all, as if you shift the bonds of these atoms which all vibrate at one frequency, you then open a space to others. Observation affects the position of atoms, one of the earliest ever findings when possible to see with electron microscopes, so combine observation with focused thought and you may well be able to shift the frequency locally into a different one. I am actually studying a course teaching this myself and will report as and when anything happens.

So I will know when something happens, but without probably the first or two events will not have much confidence in it yet. My friend does even though I don't think she's had many more results than me, but there's only one way to know and until it does happen nothing has happened.

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