Monday, September 03, 2012

Spiritual update 9/12

Having had messages when I didn't visit for a while, and seen the hits go up again I can come back and actually trust I am being read, although apart from Roger hardly anyone seems to comment now, partly as most old bloggers have left and haven't found any new ones to replace them when I used to comment on theirs in return.

Anyway, spiritual journey time, and writing it down makes it clearer for me to see as well. Besides the caveat 'you can't rely on the unreliable' ie everything outside yourself, I met someone who has had pretty much the same path and discoveries than me, but in half the time I took. She took my details a week ago and have I heard back, have I buggery. OK, two or three possible reasons do exist which may have caused the delay, but the reason I used the screen name satguru 11 years ago was because with all the conflicting outside teaching only we could sort it out, and we are the satguru while they are the outer guru. I am still the satguru, and Neale Donald Walsch says we are all perfect at birth, and enlightened when we realise we never needed to add anything to be so. I will add from the next teacher that we also leave the dimensional frequency matrix to gradually see and affect more and more until we become adepts as well. One major school says the powers come before enlightenment, but he says that was to stop too many people using them so they could. That makes far more sense to you, as Walsch says, we're not given toys and expected not to play with them.

Technically I have reached a point where all my main work has been done this year (as photography needs long days if going many miles to get them), so apart from one optional trip I can only do when free and fit to do so I am catching up with everything else. Meeting her confirmed my path must be universal, as it was close enough to know it was the same as mine, and being guided by whatever is doing so must be in our best interests and not pointing us over a cliff or poverty. But isn't it better to keep this going rather than being ships which pass in the night? That would only work if we'd learnt all we could in one go from each other and then move on again, and I'd see it as a waste in this case. Part of the system no doubt, but not part of one I'd have chosen unless she turns out to be booby trapped and would blow part of me off if I touched her. If not then I am still bloody waiting.

I am certainly not at the stage of having any control of life using any powers, I can just about see static auras now (the best ones move) so getting somewhere (after having the third eye opened in 1991 and then not much since) and will certainly work on it more when I'm not on the road. I'm not complaining as being free is the best place to start, but I have run out of ideas for now. I got the new camera after completing the big ones (the old one is packing up gradually and couldn't wait for the final convulsion) and now just filling in spaces locally and there are now no trips under about 80 miles besides the final 2012 one so wouldn't be till next spring. This will be directed, and currently not even at the 24 hour point with a clue for tomorrow, but that always takes care of itself somehow, besides an eye test and gardening, and waiting for the boilerman to see why the boiler still goes out after spending nearly as much as a new one. Being married if nothing else would share these events, and whatever happened wouldn't have to deal with them all on my own. Even when the sole candidate appears not to fulfil one of my criteria (maybe if I wait till 60 only one will remain and the rest will be wiped off, maybe this should be brought forward?).

In the past and probably present things seem to return to the middle, the official place of the ego, where good and bad always cancel to neutral, so must escape it to enlightenment. But I've seen a little more than that and still remember it's possible, but not yet in power to find it myself.

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