Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More angel progress

My friend who channels the masters (judge a channeler by the quality not the sources they claim) said the angels can only work slowly and gradually as so many things have to be put together, and people can only change gradually from one level to the next rather than get somewhere all at once. I have certainly see my plans run far more smoothly and connectedly than usual, with everything actually fitting in together rather than missing out or getting in the way of each other. Last week I managed to squeeze everything in without spreading things out over days but managing to do two in one and get a lot more as a result. The next arrangement seems fairly certain now, and will just get on with other things till it happens at the end of next week.

If you were told the angels were not just working for you, but had to if you asked, what would you ask for? My first and to me obvious request was a clear sign, and not just the usual synchronicity I am already fully aware of, but a little miracle which was more than usual and clearly unlikely to have happened otherwise. I have just read on Facebook that even though we are aware the authorities lie and cheat it doesn't matter as if we evolve personally we will be far more powerful and not affected by it anyway. That was good advice and maybe I can let the lot drop now and use my existing information for my media career if possible and not give another damn whether people learn about it as they can right now anyway if they really wanted to.

There is the view that miracles don't have sizes, as once you work outside science it's all equal, if you materialise a coin or a million pounds from nowhere they are no bigger, if the money wasn't for you you'd be just as impressed with either. So to me this wait and see attitude is more earthly than spiritual, and the very shlock which holds us back as we are- wait for this to happen, that to happen, be patient. That is the old work ethic and you only get out what you put in, except you rarely do even that, it should be about thinking and believing big, that can happen and I will make it happen one way or another regardless. Small thinking keeps us where we are, so although logically we must wait for everything to mature on the other side there is no time or space so they can do what Dr Who did on Saturday and take the business out of time and return it a minute later after doing all the complicated work. Now if we lived as long as him I wouldn't mind waiting weeks or years, but every day I'm 'consolidating' (read doing F.A.) that's another day off my allotted time and would rather use it with new abilities and knowledge. I've read all the books in this library and played with all the toys, it's time for some serious action. Please?

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