Monday, September 24, 2012

Angel progress

Having been harnessing the divine power now for a couple of weeks how am I doing? I've certainly kept busy, with more old road signs turning up within easy reach and using up the last weeks before it gets too dark for photos more than round the corner till the spring. Otherwise it's been pretty well business as usual, nothing's actually gone wrong which is at the high end of normal, but the current issue is 'no finishes'. There are some small ones which don't change my life like finding more old road signs,

but major ones which do make a difference never quite get there. I fully accept they don't for anyone else, but as they are possible and see others who have them then as I've aimed myself in those directions have completed my half (the starts) while normally the other half is out of our hands calling on the angels is supposed to add the extra power to complete the missions. I know exactly the sort of jobs I would like done, and would like to have enough time and energy left if I ever do to actually enjoy them. It's also a scientific experiment as part of my research, so for the first time keep official records of requests and results to prove one way or another after a reasonable amount of time if it helps. One or two new starts have happened, every one has the potential to complete but like buying a house or applying for a job we all know how many reach the end of the road to the destination. This goes for outside events as well as my own life. I watch the world being openly run by liars and cheats and no one believes me. I can present 50 pages of properly collected evidence and they still couldn't get the point. Only this week after 23 years they found the police altered all their evidence after Hillsborough, and as well as being the first example of this revealed to the public outside the private sector it to me stands not as an exception but a precedent showing how business is always done.

If it works just to ridicule your accusers to stop an inquiry then the system is clearly run by the crooks or accusations would be followed up and dealt with. Obama alone has a list of unanswered questions, his and his family's records have been wiped from the public domain, even to his alleged college alumni. This is not normal business, and am guessing if you check any other president in the western world their college records will not just be complete but proudly displayed. And why wouldn't they be? He is the prime example of a stooge with absolutely no personal influence who is purely there to do a job he has been put there to do, by George Soros, David Rockefeller and all their friends and associates working for a world government with no national powers remaining. It's all on record and proudly announced by some as if they expect the world to agree with them, but the media don't like it and only come across a single article on all places as The Guardian. The IPCC admitted openly it's now about economic redistribution and not the environment, yet the media haven't caught on. When an authority knows so well it can admit its true plans and get no effect then it means everyone who counts is looking after them. Maybe a local paper could sneak in a small paragraph somewhere with no relevant headline but if The Times (run by Murdoch) had an article anywhere "IPCC admit they are about money not climate" he'd be under concrete by the following day. Now for someone, a single person, to be above Murdoch at all means there is a level even worse and stronger than the antichrist of the 20th century himself. Al Gore has taken that mantle, although being such a figure of fun makes him appear harmless that's a simple clown costume hiding the devil behind. Obama's not exactly evil, as he's an empty shell like a newsreader who just reads off his autocue and if it said we are going to kill all the first born sons wouldn't raise an eyebrow. If human cloning was possible I'd say he'd been made in a lab and just designed to do the job and has no past to record. That's certainly what you'd think if looking for it as well.

So one task for the angels is to get people to discover what I already know, whether from my work or generally, and have been told (I have a channel speaking to them for me as well) to summarise it on a single page and send it door to door. That is fairly expensive and takes weeks of damn hard work as I've done it before for my own business and got one reply from an old friend who lived in a house I leafletted. I can't see that as a good idea somehow but breaking it up into a few gradually growing lessons and one short page does make sense. I'm learning a lot though and each new idea becomes part of the teaching. Looking past the surface is the biggest lesson, like wind turbines or electric cars. Good selling, bad product. Don't buy the product to find out the truth. Misleading advertising is illegal unless by the government, so they have taken over the wind industry and force it on us although unlike the climate (another area people must do their own checking) the figures are known and certain. But people don't check (we can now, it's all online) and make death threats to others who suggest they do (I would know). So despite the solution being as easy as an hour's clicking and reading they get away with it as 'what's in it for them?' as I get asked whenever I venture into global warming fanatic sites. Unfortunately emotional maturity is a generations long process and those who have completed it have no effect on those who haven't. No wonder I've started relying on angels.

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