Friday, September 14, 2012

Working with the angels

I don't normally bother with such esoteric concepts- if I'm doing anything with the unseen forces it's straight to the top and nothing between. But if genuine the angels have come to me- first someone told me about a cat called Angel, then I met someone who was reading about them and working with them, and had it confirmed by working for someone called Angel, who turned out to be the same one I'd known for over 20 years, and then a third person saying she felt OK when she moved as she met what she called the angel cat. Of course the best way for the higher levels to communicate with us is through repetition, so if the same weird stuff crops up over and over again we can't miss the message. Then this week I had a psychic reading and was told to work with the angels directly, keep records and make requests, as it's their role to answer them as they have no will of their own but created for our benefit.

I have nothing to lose- where I am so far is a small fraction of what I would like, so while all my plants are short green shoots and buds after 52 years while others have created a jungle, this is a totally painless addition to every other method I use. It is similar to Conversations with God, in that it becomes like another voice speaking to you, and you write down all the results to make sure you remember them properly and can compare what you had at the start with further along. I've got nothing to lose here and will just see how it goes, it really is as simple as that.

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