Thursday, November 08, 2012

America no more. Post-Obama 2016

OK, I'm saying this tonight and never again. Since the US election result here is what will happen by the next one, not based on prediction but simply projecting the current policies but many times greater as the second term will be free to do as he wants.

I will be as specific as I can be. Unemployment, way up. National debt, way up. Energy prices, possibly triple today's if not higher. Credit rating probably down one if not two notches. Dollar no longer world default currency, oil probably measured in Euros or Yuan. The home oil exploration will be so severely restricted that imports will cripple the economy and force the oil price up due to restricted supply from US. Coal will become an industry of the past, mining will likely be made illegal and closed down and usage so expensive shale gas will have to take up the slack.

Secondary possibilities will be growing restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly, beginning with SOPA and PIPA ostensibly written to stop media piracy but informally (with sanctions) to be enforced worldwide in order to work, and slowly extending to other violations. New laws on security will restrict free assembly and movement, as well as potential imprisonment without trial for their breach. Home grown food and water collected naturally may become subject to strict banning regulations, as well as GM becoming the norm as it is not labelled so no one can decide to avoid it. Immigration will increase, legally and amnesties given to illegals making little or no difference between them, creating a growing underclass of low wage or unemployed citizens, often barely speaking English and including many organised criminals, but nearly all becoming good Democrats to increase the small advantage margin created between 2008-2012 and made the difference for the win.

I suggest everyone copies and saves this to their documents, and in maybe a year or two take it out again to see how far it's progressed before completion in 2016. I have been making these projections since 1975 for the Common Market vote, and so far have a pretty good track record, so can now make it official and testable. Don't judge me today, judge me around 2014. This is not based on political opinion, but simply extending the existing trends to their inevitable conclusions. And if anyone finds some or most of these familiar then they are living in the EU.

Less than a day after winning, Obama is already planning laws for a carbon tax and to restrict opposition power in congress. What would have happened had he done this a day earlier? Would everyone still have voted for him, and how do they feel or will they feel when they've learnt of these policies they wouldn't have voted for? Maybe this is a lesson for the American people not to judge politics on presentation and spin, and never let this happen again.

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