Monday, November 26, 2012

Michael Mann holds the seeds of his own destruction

One theme going through my life are the seeds of possible future events. Normally they all fall on stony ground but for the second time this month a study has countered Michael Mann's tree ring data, this time a whole pile of genuine peer reviewers who all say what we've said since the details were discovered, they make other scientists look bad as well and want them withdrawn. If something's dead wrong you don't need to be qualified to do so, and it should have happened ages ago as this garbage has not just been floating around for many years but is the sole policy driving the world's political actions via his hockey stick diagram. Without that the whole bogus affair wouldn't have got off the launch pad, but is now orbiting Pluto it's travelled so far.

So if termites are eating away his very foundation, the very lynchpin of world propaganda and rhetoric, despite being discredited by Steve Mackintyre, who took years deciphering it despite not having the original injuncted codes. If they ever get out, only by Mann himself suing people for libel and being forced to disclose his own defence (currently two are pending) the expectation is it would finish his career, technically open him to prosecution and pretty well finish off the whole machine. How long can you keep an illusion going when seven year old children all over the world are saying the temperature isn't going up like he said? The figures are all available at the entry of a search term (nowadays I don't even need to click the mouse), and I've found the believers work from events while the realists work from the data. You induce from events and you deduce from figures, and they have lost the plot. How long will it be before the peers are fed up with the bad publicity making them all look the same? Not so long now apparently?

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This is one example of a potential precedent where a single event can derail an entire mission. The same way as had a country left the Euro the Bilderberg Group would not be omnipotent, but they never did. The climate scammers are far less organised and protected, and can easily become derailed as everyone can see what they're doing but so far not had the weight or numbers to do anything about it. But these guys are having a very good go.

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