Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't mess with our lives

Politicians are elected to look after the areas which need national attention we cannot organise ourselves. As such they work for us, and only have the ability to interfere in our social and moral affairs as the voters are so weak minded they believe they cannot rely on individuals to do it for themselves, despite the criminal law protecting them from any harm already. Until the voters are convinced moral and social issues are outside the scope of a free country's government we will continue to be oppressed by corrupt and psychopathic leaders who rarely follow any of the rules themselves they impose on us. It's a very slow process of education but when we get there everyone will wonder how we managed before we did.

Once the laws are written to protect the people from harm, they only need occasional updating. Otherwise governments run national affairs such as transport and utilities (oh, they don't do that now do they?), and dealing with the rest of the world. They have no rights (besides the ones we have given them) to decide what is right morally or socially, that is up to every single individual to choose for themselves (as the laws stop them taking any views too far) and not anyone else. Until then we will never live in a free country, and will mark our evolution from superstitious primitive people to enlightened.

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