Saturday, November 24, 2012

One world government? We already have one.

As someone said yesterday, the Rockefeller led Bildergers and Club of Rome etc have made the agendas sent up to the UN and back via Agenda 21. PC and green are the new Nazism, as between them they restrict freedom of speech and divide society into greens and murderers (like the Jews in Germany). Scapegoating carbon emitters (ie every single human being, it's impossible not to) and promoting and protecting extremism is a worldwide policy, which is why every single western government except the Czech Republic follows the same policies regardless of party leading. Keynesian economics, devaluing currencies and forcing down interest rates siphons money from the people and savers back to the banks and governments (who else borrows at base rate?) and keeps everyone focused on survival so too poor and busy earning to stop and look at anything else.

It can't last forever as one by one people notice, and then you have a revolution. The internet speed the process up hundreds of times.

So, to summarise, if policies are decided in international regular meetings (Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Club of Isles and others like them) then their members will be levered into top positions worldwide, and employed, like Obama, to carry out their agendas and not yours as voters. This only happens while people are unaware of it. Some people are noticing whoever is in power the policies seem incredibly similar, and over here until Tony Blair got in Labour and Conservative were two utterly different philosophies, as you'd want and expect. Someone who was invited to Bilderberg only as a back bench MP, not a current or past leader of politics or industry was not the norm, John Smith died suddenly, Blair took over and revolutionised his own party and then Britain as a result. Since then his 'Third way' has been followed by both his own Labour Party, combining policies from left and right to attempt to please everyone, but by all others both here and worldwide. So political correctness- restricting criticism based on race or Islam (the other religions seem unaffected), changing words for the disabled, positive discrimination for minorities and women, not mentioning the race of criminals in the media, unlimited immigration, low interest rates and currency values, massive government debt and spending, and an increasing trend to federalism rather than national policies can all be read in the published material of the Club of Rome (all free and online) and Feasta, the group who advise the UN on Agenda 21, creating a world government and currency and energy rationing. That is not possible without a reason, so as admitted and mentioned many times (quite deliberately, people rarely remember before at least the third time, on my sister fraud site) man made global warming was the perfect reason (they said it many times, not me, check Margaret Mead's quote way back in 1974).

So we have a formula for a Nazi style scapegoating world state run on full totalitarian regulations 'to save the planet' (worthy sacrifice for people not born till we're dead). Paris is the first to operate new EU rules to ban cars, starting with the older ones, and planned in every capital in totality. I also read yesterday (before I could check the details) the next plan is to restrict movement in and out of cities, so the old communist plan is apparently going to return to those who escaped it after the war.

Knowledge is power. Every country either has an existing free party from the UN agenda or can form one. We have UKIP, growing rapidly for the obvious reason of being the only alternative, so when enough people learn this more will vote for the new parties (as all the old are run by the same people anyway) and they will be gone. That is the new form of revolution, a democratic one. They work for us. If they want to do us over and you know it you kick them out. They can't wreck our lives if they're not in power, and whatever else has happened we still give them that, so can take it away.

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