Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mysterious ways

If the angels are still or were ever working with me, they are also doing it via tough lessons. This is the end, the PhD top level of dealing with shit. Like you've graduated to the full JCB excavator and given the highest pile of elephant's dos and told to go and clear it before you qualify. Fuck that for a lark. So my angels apparently (if you or I even believe in them) think by making me go to the dentist for a crown and cope with it better than before in order to make me stronger is their idea of help I refer the readers to my previous expletive. So my tooth breaks on Tuesday right in the middle of the US election results, and with an interminable time to repair I am supposed to improve myself by 'dealing with it'.

This raises the next point, I'm impressed it's not just my madness (it can't as two people I know got me into it themselves) but once I'd mentioned angels many other extremely normal people also said they worked with them and trusted them implicitly. Now god and angels are no different really, in fact angels could be considered God's switchboard rather than separate lower entities. And equally unknowable, so why are they so widely accepted as real? The major difference is unlike god angels are obliged to follow our requests, no discretion, as that is their only role in existence. But to believe in them someone scientifically at least ought to have spent a very long time keeping a journal and only deciding something was true after they had delivered consistently. The synchronicities in my life and those around me shows something is controlling it, although it was only quite recently they started working in my benefit in the one area at least, having been random till then just to show me they were real. My system is simply a standard evidential enquiry, whatever claims are made I run them through it and have certainly added some positive conclusions to synchronicity, telepathy and clairvoyance as I have seen them happen. I've never seen more than two people manage psychokinesis, or similar manipulations of matter, so that is on the pending file, as however unlikely it seems using the mind to interact with atomic bonds is not outside quantum physics, so tells me it's just a matter of raising the power high enough to make a visible change.

But the general belief in angels appears to be to most before any event. Not like the people who have died and seen heaven and even god, they know, even if they can't take us there. And unless we ask them for help they can't, unless we're about to die before our time. I'm asking now officially as advised, and before my tooth broke there were no great gains but no losses. And don't start imagining angels have limits, you can either bring about miracles or not, materialising a penny or a million pounds is no different to each other as both are miracles whatever appears from nowhere. So we can't just expect little changes or reasonable ones, but full blown miracles. Beyond our imaginations. In fact normally I always keep records and checks, but none of my previous requests had been organised in any way, and now are. I was told this was how to do it, and look back and see if they really have done things or not compared with the results in response. Now from experience I know if I get something better than what I've lost it'll take over my attention, so obviously I'll know if that has happened, so the angels can be told exactly what it takes to sort thing out. You have to be specific, and The Secret (as opposed to traditional angel working) says you should feel the request has already been carried out or it won't work. But that's not angel work, that's doing it ourselves, angels shouldn't need us to become masters or we wouldn't actually need them.

Many religious people say testing god is blasphemy, but really we were designed to test everything, imagine animals dying from eating the wrong food growing on trees as they couldn't test it first. They smell or taste right, so we know whether they can be eaten in most cases, except may Big Macs... Anyway, science is based on testing, and testing spiritual claims is identical to me, imagine meeting a man online who made similar claims to god and taking it on trust without checking for yourself. And people want us to do the same thing for the supposed most powerful force in existence without doing what we could to investigate its existence? God doesn't give enquiring minds if not to be used for everything.

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