Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cyprus, one country which represents the entire world

As Cypriot ministers predictably voted to remain in the Euro this week and accept the bailout the people of the country were destined to an interminable recession, and without even the means to create their own economic policies to deal with it. They will be in debt possibly for generations to come, with no opportunities for more than just subsistence as like any bankrupt anything they do make will simply service their debts.

Of course this didn't have to happen, they only joined the Euro in 2008, and without doing a study on their economic history would be fair to say they were better off the day before they joined than they are now, something which also applies to Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, at the very least. Being physically joined together reduces the feelings of independence compared to others, although the poorer countries like Ireland and Cyprus who are not joined as they thought as net collectors they would have an endless supply of wealth from those who were better off, kind of like something described as communism. But this communism was different, as it was the short term offer which then saved up the real costs till you were deeply into it and then got hit by the bill plus everything you'd saved with interest. Of course no one, especially such basket cases which would attempt to take advantage of such an opportunity, would ever be able to repay such deliberate Indian gifts, those only offered in return for something back, but have now been put into perpetual serfdom at the feet of the only people who set the EU up for their own interest having failed to complete the task in two world wars by military means, Germany.

Now anyone who ever claims I am exaggerating just imagine had I asked you a month ago if you believed the EU would collect their debts directly from citizen's bank accounts and you (and me actually) would have laughed. I don't see many Cypriots laughing, except the usual politicians who are immune from the internal failure of the economy as they are paid from central funds directly. They don't actually care as a result how the ordinary people suffer, as they get to keep their jobs. But Cyprus and all the other basket cases under lesser but no less restrictive bailouts are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, as the only difference between Stalin's Russia, North Korea, Cuba and the EU is EU members can all leave immediately with no notice. But they won't. The creep towards the fourth Reich, Holy Roman Empire, or whatever bastard version of Hitler's view of a 'united Europe' or Nero's or any other tyrant throughout history carrying out the same type of plans, is growing in momentum, and with every deliberate surrender of power to the authority above is speeding up the process for them. None of the countries bailed out have economic independence any more, and although the figures owed probably mean they can't ever pay it all back, would probably keep the rules imposed even if they did manage it. As the purpose wasn't the financial ones, but to impose those rules they wouldn't have managed so easily if they hadn't required bailing out.

Bailing out a country requires you also take over their finances almost completely, to ensure they are directing the majority of their annual income into paying it back. Had these been compulsory I wouldn't be here writing this now as it would be part of the requirements of joining. But these countries all asked for them, knowing although they were under no legal obligations to repay these debts (like Iceland who weren't in the EU so didn't do it) they didn't trust their own people to run their countries so handed them over willingly to the EU instead. One thing the Germans or even the French or Dutch would never do is invade a rogue state within the EU, as look where it got them last time. As Corporal Jones said, 'They don't like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring'. The one thing the Nazis, I mean the EU won't do again is invade any of their neighbours with tanks or bombers. This war is an economic one, as only a few people understand economics but everyone understands an invasion. How many people in the bailed out countries even realise they could leave the Euro/EU and are under little or no obligation should they choose to default and go it alone? But they have become so dependent on their kidnappers that even those who do know are so scared of wiping their own bottoms and not drinking milk from the teats of Brussels they prefer to stay in prison even though the door was never even locked.

We have another episode of the sad state of political choices, from Maastricht to Lisbon, where countries voted time after time not to accept the Lisbon treaty until more money was spent on propaganda till the second or third times they voted the proper way after all. I don't think Britain would have done that, which is why (even though we were promised it) we didn't get a vote, but the rest are not made of such strong stuff and now all see themselves first as Europeans, even though such a place has been created from the rough edges of a much larger set of continents from what was left over. That's hardly a reason to become a single state, especially when made up of more diverse nations, cultures and languages than any other similar area in the world. One example is while Europe unites its member states, recognising on the small scale even almost identical Tweedledum and Tweedledee nations as the Czech Republic and Slovakia are different enough to divide, and other Muslim enclaves such as Bosnia follow their brothers worldwide to ask or fight for independence, while all queuing up for EU membership if not already in, just like Scotland want should they win the vote ahead.

We live in the most exploitative times since the Roman Empire, with what is only a modern revival of the similar culture and plan, albeit with Germany running the show this time but the Italians as always not far behind them with their tongues wedged firmly up their backsides. As always they managed to disappoint the world and form a coalition of the usual suspects, Berlusconi and some other unknown mafia representatives, leaving the relatively sensible and decent (by Italian standards) Beppe Grillo on the sidelines as expected. So Italy now continues to play ball and do Brussels' bidding as fully intended from the start, while France has imposed a 75% tax in its millionaires just to show they have not strayed from the terminally disastrous policies every other country abandoned in the 80s. The rule seems to be have a choice of policies, one the standard establishment world government model, the other closer to freedom, and always choose the wrong one. Of course if they weren't actual choices but foregone conclusions this would explain it far better, as they have to give the impression of independence and choice but are simply doing as they have been ordered.

That makes best sense, we all have a choice of electing new anti-establishment parties, but Stockholm Syndrome combined with total ignorance stops this happening anywhere so far, so people keep bringing in the same rules wherever they are although they are the only ones who do have a choice. If people became educated and realised what is actually being done to them then of course none would vote for tyranny and subjugation, but they don't and they aren't. So Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and who knows who else are one by one falling into the third world, and although they'll still be up the creek for many years regardless, at least they'll be free to find their own ways out. You can't beat independence.

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