Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bad news every time

Despite the fact I can manage regardless of it, the news, with very few exceptions, has always gone the worst possible way over the last few years, although of course as most is based on secret political decisions as it all comes from the same shadow government behind the UN of course it should be no surprise.

Interest rates are proved to hurt the citizens, and have been kept at a record low for an indefinite period, although twice as many people who save lose compared to the borrowers. Every Euro member country has voted not to default, despite no possible sanctions as Iceland proved when they did as non-EU members. This implies the Greek and Cypriot politicians are gaining personally as they have both sacrificed their citizens' welfare to maintain the status of the EU.

UK immigration is expected to be increasing, despite a change in government, as nowadays unless you vote a new party in all the old ones work for the UN and only vary the intensity of the same policies to give the impression of being different. Ed Miliband is the only weak link, as if he leads the party to the next election he simply can't win as he's a twat. His apparent knowledge of anything connected in politics gives the impression he learnt his job from a combination of playground cat fights and UN sound bites he doesn't even understand. After spending the best part of a year campaigning online to stop Obama getting re-elected, he is beginning his attack on his country on Tuesday by implementing climate policies officially for the first time, bringing the greatest country in the world (yes, they are much better off than Britain economically) to its knees, and will see the equivalent of a great professer living with Alzheimer's. By the end of his term energy prices will double or triple, wages will grind to a halt, and manufacturing will be crossing the borders like Syrian refugees.

I can't get involved now. I remember the 70s when the only news I cared about were the power cuts, as the rest simply didn't affect me directly, besides staying in the EU which I knew would lead to a political loss to the Fourth Reich as has happened since. I see every decision go the wrong way, votes for greater EU integration lose so they run them again and people do actually change their votes (or something about the way they were counted?), and being what is described as politically aware, realise how our freedom and democracy is going by the week worldwide as each country legislate more and more into the realm of totalitarianism. With Obama putting climate laws in place then every straggler will be pressured into following them, while existing waverers will be pressured to follow America now they've made the most powerful country in the world low carbon, which is another way to describe an economy bled white like a wounded soldier. They won't get that money or prosperity back, they'll end up like Britain, cycling to work as they can't afford public transport, and killing thousands of poor people each winter who can't pay the heating costs. The house prices will go up and average wage go down, as green taxes eat into incomes and force the normal people out of the housing market, handing it over to the mafia who are immune, or collecting the taxes, who will launder their gains in massive properties they hardly ever visit, just as they did 20 years ago in London.

I've seen the world's second greatest country fall to pieces in the last 50 years already, the population has risen by millions and many don't speak English who have arrived, and have many more children to increase the proportions. Our roads have become cancerous with humps and restrictions, filling a car with petrol costs as much as a day's wage, we've lost grammar schools so only rich people can afford a decent education, exams and degrees have been lowered so half the people can now pass (a degree was fixed at around 5% under the 1962 Education Act) and hospitals let every foreign health tourist have their babies and kidney transplants free and collect the money from visitors using the car parks. Besides pointing it out to people who either know already or don't care what can anyone do? Of course I'll vote UKIP as they are the only open door out of this dire strait, as many others will. Personally I have heard the local libraries invite voluntary lecturers as they are very popular, so I may get the word across on a small scale that way, but actually worrying and caring about it is just a lesson not to. I must follow the lotus, live on the mud but not in it, and as some teachers say, when you turn your attention away from the slurry it goes away. Worth a try, looking at it doesn't help.

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