Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Well meaning but dangerous

Liberals/leftists have ideology based on immature emotions, which want to correct all the faults found in nature, such as survival of the fittest, which is the basis of everything living, personal wealth, which many believe must mean others have less (they don't, it means more has been created altogether), people are all equally intelligent given the same chances (why the same spread of IQ tests has been constant since they were created wherever and whenever you take them, including of identical twins who may also have been separated), and basically anything and everything they think's 'not fair', so do everything they can to beat back the tide and force nature to be different. In fact such attitudes are not just immature but extremely dangerous as the equivalent of taking a bunch of uneducated and unintelligent children and letting them rule an entire country. They become the most dangerous force in humanity, as they attack every form of personal liberty to engineer society to fit how they want it to be.

Their concept of equality is not used in its genuine sense, but prostituted to mean if anyone's doing better than you they must be cheating and to cut them down to size. This has discouraged success across the world where promoted as a value, and makes some kids feel bad when they do well at school and try not to answer too many questions as it makes them look better than the others (which of course they are). Then they try and use it to make dogs into cats and cats into dogs, as they say people are equal although everyone is actually different, and do all they can to force them to be the same when they never could be. They take every aspect of nature, which arranges everything from best to worst, and try and force it into the middle, nothing too low (impossible, it's already made that way) or too high (it would make the others feel inadequate), and basically use it as a weapon to destroy civilised society.

In reality politicians work for us, and the only way we would actually democratically elect a government to attempt large scale social engineering and economic redistribution were if enough people actually wanted it and believed it was possible. Then they'd get four or five years of the most extreme versions of taxation, positive discrimination, multiculturalism and diversity, minority rights (which usually means they have more rights than the majorities), gender neutrality, women encouraged to work and allow strangers to raise their children for them, and basically any and every area where the state can do something in a superior way to individual choice.

No doubt once enough of these policies were in place and the majority of the people lost and suffered as a consequence, it would be sufficient to see the Utopia melt away in front of their eyes and see what began as a wish to improve nature directly was the same as going into a garden and painting the flowers gold and silver. If people mess with nature they always get a mess.

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