Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dump the climate lunatics

Having read a few little words of advice today I think the direction is clear. I may know what is going on around the world where many do not, but I don't need it to be my problem. The only two benefits picking apart the conspiracies in the world has done for me is to teach me how to investigate and understand politics fully, and possibly use the material for my media career. But don't expect to teach a single thing to a single person as they have already made up their minds. Memes are deadly viruses. Al Gore says we must destroy the world's economy for our unborn grandchildren, and years later people quote him verbatim (I didn't of course) whenever you challenge the fact the climate is doing anything bad or odd at all. I don't use the A-Z of swear words when some twat (note, it's not being aimed at any individual) bleats the world is frying meme, I just explain why it isn't, and they swear at me:

Renew Comm'ty Power @RenewCP 7h
Because its already affecting me and will destroy my children's future you selfish prick.
I get this every week, every month of every year, as once someone's brain is bleached (washing is a good thing and leaves everything as it should be) you can't get anything in. I'll carry on replying if people ask me, but won't bother volunteering anything, as these are the same boys who hung you out of a window or stole your lunch money at school. They are the grown up strong bodied but weak minded bullies, or weak bodied who won over strong bodied idiots to do the strong stuff for them. They are across the spectrum of mental weakness to mental illness in full blown paranoid delusions, of other's makings but fully matured and accepted.
So, the consequences of doing nothing mean:
My fuel bills will continue to rise, but I can afford them.
It will become harder to drive as more restrictions will be created.
Travelling will become more expensive, but I rarely travel.
The general economy will not be able to grow, but I can manage on the little I get.
Things will get worse for sure, and when we get the inevitable power cuts I will suffer, but can I stop them? No.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

Here in Australia where I live where we have the world's highest Carbon Tax it is certainly helping bringing down the temperatures. So far this month of June is very much colder than it was in the month of January. In fact I am having to switch on heaters this month whereas in January I had to switch on the air-conditioners to keep the unit cool. The only problem I have with the climate now being colder is that there does not seem to be much sun as it is very cloudy and so my very expensive solar panels are not working so I have to pay for electricity now.

rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

MONDAY 24th JUNE 2013 Sydney has stayed colder than 14 degrees for the past three days, the longest it has stayed this cold in 31 years. Yes COLDEST FOR 31 YEARS. Just shows that climate change is repeating itself and is NATURAL.

David said...

Reality always has to replace illusion, but how long it takes is another thing entirely.