Thursday, June 27, 2013

The big picture explained

Having seen the greatest and widest extent of organised corruption, and done all I could to expose it with no acceptance besides from those who already knew, I have had to accept the benefit I gained (and no one else) was the knowledge itself, and the ability to see the big picture now which is a rare one indeed. It also means I am able to deal with political questions, as the big picture is the big picture and it relates to every aspect of life, which I now believe I am capable of providing advice on, as I understand enough of the related facts to do so. It's hardly a sudden revelation, rather 53 years building up until a picture was completely formed. I am curious and take an interest in everything, and if you keep looking for answers as a result eventually you will find them all.

People nearly all want the same things (although provided by different means depending on their personal tastes) but disagree on the best means of delivering them, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the mechanisms of doing so, rather than any genuine political differences. Think about it, take away a shortage and everyone gets what they want so there's no need to apply ridiculous economic philosophies or social or intellectual rationing to eke out the most from the little there is. Those on the left are naturally suspicious of others, so as they don't trust anyone above them then they want to make sure no one has more than they do in case they've stolen it from them when they do, and everyone else is out to get more at their expense unless the state intervenes and stops them. This is easily the most cynical and restrictive world view possible, along with its old version puritanism. If you stop someone else from having more they don't give it to you, you both have less, and who's going to work harder and longer for what they want when they know they can't have it? What example is that to set for a child, to tell them it doesn't matter how many years they study or what they contribute to the world, they won't get more than a factory worker anyway. That's like clipping the wings of every bird on earth so none can fly higher than the others. The same goes for comprehensive education, the means of ensuring only the rich continue to succeed as everyone else gets the free rubbish available where before everyone had the chance for an academic training if they needed it.

The point is that most political decisions are made because of not knowing the full information to be able to know the best methods, besides the mafia style corporate or fascist rules which divert the majority to the rulers which is currently the 21st century style. They can't do it if people know any more, as we have the media to tell us and communicate with each other. The only gap is belief, that every day I pass on information people simply can't believe their government (or someone else's) would do that. Now the fact they would accept it if it had been located in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Colombia or Zimbabwe just means they are not able to accept governments are the same wherever they live as the worst rogue states of the moment. So had I taken the same story and placed it somewhere like that of course they'd have accepted it, as what else do you expect from Yemen or Sudan, but why should the USA or Germany (especially Germany of course) be any different? As there is still not just a generation alive, but a long tradition of philosophy beyond it, of course the Germans are still running the same political views as they did a century ago. Now if you go to the old Austria-Hungary the fascist movement controls part of both governments (check the Jobbik party), and have included ex-Nazis among their ministers. Now Italy and France, along with Norway were all either with the Axis powers or had many sympathisers, and Norway are now one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe, and actively inviting Muslims in to drive the few remaining Jews away.

But details aside, if people throw a question at me now I can usually provide an answer, as they are all based on a single view. And there is no place in the world why anyone needs to gain at someone else's expense, as that is no difference to con men becoming rich from lying to an old lady about an imaginary investment. That's the shortage mentality, people who believe there isn't enough for everyone and the best way to get it is off other people rather than creating it yourself. That's the economic side, while unless you believe in religion which wipes out virtually all and every logical point to a higher authority (so they're told) there is no place in law for moral judgements, as either someone is hurt by an action which must become illegal, or they don't, in which case who's to say their choice of right or wrong is any better than yours, like the age of consent which varies in every single country as there is no right answer at all.

In practical terms, where does this knowledge get me? It certainly doesn't set me up as a teacher, as people don't like having their personal heroes and beliefs questioned. When I present a dossier on Barack Obama or Julia Gillard with enough material to sink a stranger connected with it, the fact they believe they are next to being the messiah means few supporters will believe a word said against them despite massive evidence to say so. That is a barrier I have decided to leave alone, and the sole benefit now for me, besides the biggest of having the knowledge itself, is to further my media career. I've looked at enough journalists to know how few have the view of the big picture, whether in existing politics or more so the political totality. One is a simple matter of investigation, which I have carried out, the other is a full awareness of the scope of life and how to run it, which is probably much rarer. There is no element of ego here, as like any other professional you don't use false modesty or false pride, you just know something from studying it. You don't have a solicitor saying they don't really know much law, they were just lucky in their exams- who would use one who said that? So likewise when you know something stand by it and say so. You can easily demonstrate your knowledge and even at the basic level of essay marking if two teachers mark the same essay they will nearly always agree, as the requirements are known. The same goes for any academic statement and knowledge, and that stands alone regardless of the individual who provides it. I've never looked into David Icke's qualifications but he taught me half of what I know and how to find more.

So this is the point I have reached. I know I know what I know, and have tested as many aspects as I could to check it's watertight, and is as good or better than any other I've tested, and had to write many tens of thousands of words for my own courses which pretty well train you to stick to the proper method in future. No one pays me for it, no one outside the academic world publishes it, but that is because the media is based on who you know more than anything else, unless you've spent your entire career in the media directly. I chose the entertainment route before college initially, and when it became impossible to perform the required hours as well as doing a degree to get the union ticket to entertain professionally, had to let that one drop after spending much of the following 12 years at college one way or another with a few gaps in between. So obviously an academic career would logically follow, but having not been aiming in the writing direction as the alternative way in have never made more than the single connection based on my experience with alleged alien abductees. But you won't be able to cross over from that into politics and philosophy unless you get in a daily paper minimum, and my single article wasn't selected by the editor although carried out by one of their own who wrote it based on an interview with me. But I'm no longer involved in expecting to use this information to change the faults in the world, I've tried and seen that is something which takes place on its own based on a mass personal discovery, till the ones add up to tens of millions. If it happens.

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