Thursday, June 13, 2013

Test your intuition

This is a test we can all take. The only difference is to what degree we can relate to it, but the principle is universal and will expand once recognised. Anyone with a cat will also have witnessed this, they often either attach themselves to or avoid certain visitors, with nothing you can usually tell about why, but over months and years the regulars will always get the same response every time they arrive, with the cat going in one or the other direction.

In life, we feel the vibration of people and places, some more sensitive than others, but otherwise only a matter of degree. If someone or something is really wrong nearly everyone can feel it, and then just imagine extending that downwards almost indefinitely. Then extend that to situations, where everything on the surface appears to be fine but some people sense something's wrong, and given the opportunities will investigate and nearly always find reasons why they were right.

My background is based in law. That forces you to learn and provide evidence, and taught me to investigate and also, like the police also in the same area, sense when something's wrong before we have collected the evidence. All those apparently normal cars and drivers the old hands spot on TV when a small detail alerts them to the fact all may not be well. So I have the combination of the training, the sensitivity and the years of searching my leads since being equipped with the internet, although before then just the papers gave me enough to know I was on the right track on a number of news stories.

There are always scams going on, and they are, being based on nothing, only too easy to spot once used to it. The only difference today being the number and level being unprecedented, certainly in modern times. During the last war it's now almost certain many countries knew about the concentration camps but ignored them as had they done anything to try and liberate them it would mean they were exposed to attack and would ruin their long term strategies, so in effect they colluded with the Nazis no differently to the French and Norwegians who did a lot of their dirty work for them, partly as many agreed with their policies. What is the point of fighting a war if you allow its existing victims on your side to knowingly die  as well as the enemy? These sort of selective helping, or passive killing in this and other cases, are part of a greater pragmatism, based on having personal interests above those of the citizens you are working for.

I have studied these examples in such detail over the years, from a lifelong fascination, to gain both a practical understanding of how they operate and try and exploit the lack of intuition of others to maintain the smokescreen, and additionally mobilise the believers to attack those who can see through it. But if you simply teach people intuition without any logic or law, they can pick up the same bad vibes as others do and reject the people creating the illusions directly. To return to my own experience, I can spot a bad 'un almost instantly, seeing them steal and cheat from friends who couldn't see it, and could only become wise after the event, but at what a cost, and it won't protect them from the next one as all the direct knowledge does is show them a single example, not develop a latent ability.

So what I do is feel if something feels wrong. It's a very clear feeling, the same one everyone gets when they realise someone's concealed a weapon, or they tell you someone's died or the like, just before the actual event. So start with the familiar feeling you've just heard or seen something terrible, and then collect some pictures and names of people and news stories, and pass each one across your vision until you receive a clear shudder. Now if you can then check up and see that is indeed a nasty story or person then you have proved it works. And once you recognise it then use it and it will become clear, reliable and automatic.

The hard part is (and something I do not recommend to anyone) trying to share this information with others. The nature of intuition, something not reserved for bad stuff but often strongest as it's for survival, is designed as the highest level of knowledge, and once would have been directly accepted as such, but nowadays is not even recognised. So all I can ask is to recognise and use it, and then accept it from others (the way you discern of course is very simple, use your own intuition to tell if someone else is correct) and gradually more and more people will take it on as an accepted form of sensing.

So currently I and millions of others can tell certain individuals and policies are pure evil and wrong, but we can't quite prove it despite plenty of real evidence appearing over time to show we were indeed correct. But this inbuilt delay allows them to keep stealing and hurting people until they get exposed in the usual way. One can only hope that if people's intuition is greater, they will follow it and get more proactive work done to bust these disgraces rather than let them drift for decades or more by which time the damage is done and half the suspects are dead anyway.

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