Monday, August 05, 2013

Back to me for a change

Due to an apparent lack of interest I took most of my personal stuff over to a blog at until that got moved and is now hidden away on a minor forum thread but still a small band of regulars who keep it going.

I've shifted into the next stage of my activities, having now completed a two year project to cover as many 100km squares on the OS map of Britain with my digital photos (done since late 2005) as possible before I wore out physically. The actual photo was this one

It wasn't the best but crossed the border and added me four squares in a row, which technically just means more than two as once you cross into a new one it becomes yours, and they turn over every 62.5 miles until you reach the sea. We then continued a few miles to the edge of Cheltenham where we stopped while parking was still free and the road still straight, had a little walk with the camera, and returned, taking pictures of 30 miles of the A40 between Cheltenham and Oxford with a compact camera able to freeze most shots from a moving vehicle with few problems. As a result I am now free, as my other photographic project was completed last month by finally getting the last known old roads signs on the list in Braintree. So I am now able to wander around locally, write, meditate and all the other things which don't wear me out physically without feeling guilty I should be on the road during the season whenever I have the chance. I will if and when I feel like it but they are all optional now.

The myth and machinery of global warming has diverted my attention for far too long, but as a result became the means to learn about organised fraud and now have more than enough material to both know the entire picture and to teach anyone willing to learn how to become immune to it. The elements are simple and easily recognisable, and once you know you can't ever be taken in again. It's all put on my blog already but always waiting for a chance to offer it to people who actually want to know it, and have it published somehow. But that project is also complete, I can't teach online as people there have already made their minds up and would only take notice of someone qualified in that field, which I am not. The material is the same and most is from qualified people, but I am a second layer and as such they see me and not who I am quoting, which ended my mission to educate anyone here. It's all there now until someone finally closes blogger, and if a single person stumbles on it and learns something it will be worth all the years of research and months of writing.

I have absolutely no plans now, as I don't really need them. The only one generally is called relaxing, I have driven thousands of miles in a tiny car, which now does tire me out although it didn't till I got this side of 40. We all wear out at different rates, and extended physical activity now tires me out, while short intense exercise has little effect at all either way, so do that at least three times a week. I can still become physically stronger and my mind expands for every decade my energy declines. I will now be able to meditate as much as possible, as I have learnt piles of new methods recently and although I do a few a week sometimes I can do many times more as they do get results related to effort unless you get lucky and hit the jackpot. That makes you better for absolutely everything else, and also less concerned with what's happening outside as you are better inside. That's been going on now since 1997 and can't say much has happened there besides a few very short lived moments. But they are just guides where you can go in future, and nothing is important unless it's lasting. Meanwhile I will just see what happens and comes my way from day to day, and enjoy my retirement which it feels like.

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